Taking out the Leafs – Canucks Outsider #67

Catching up with more delayed episodes – this one recorded in the intermission of the Canucks vs. Leafs (Nov. 15, 2008) game withRadio JohnRebecca 604, (2 of my dear Crazy Canucks co-hosts), and noted Icelander and Sino-phile Richard, sitting by the fire in North Van talking about Toronto hockey culture/ego, Leafs fans coming out of the closet, new CBC anthems, and international language broadcasts (HNIC playoff webcast in MandarinTry out a Hockey Night in Punjabi) on CBC and discuss the role of broadcasting in building hockey culture in Asian-ethnic Canadian communities – see Surrey’s Prab Rai playing on the Seattle Thunderbirds.

Download/Listen to: Taking out the Leafs – Canucks Outsider #67 (.mp3, 28:45, 27MB)

taking out the leafs


The Black Tories – Ghost in the Machine

C Average –  Buckler

Album art: photo by Dave’s iPhone, art’ed up by Bread the Producer

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