Thrashers Game Night Variety Pack – Canucks Outsider #49

Grab bag episode with host Dave Thorvald talking trade deadline and pre playoff prognostication with transit-riding Dan Funboy plus some South East division insight to set up the game night at the Thrashers (thanks Mark) extravagnaza including copious history and pre-game skate analysis of callups, veterans and stars.  Plus Dave checks in on the Jeff Cowan show vs. Gretzky’s Coyotes with rec league dynamo Chris Bob Sugar.

Download Thrashers Game Night Variety Pack – Canucks Outsider #49 (44:11, 41MB, .mp3)

Music snippets: “Fake out” by Derek K. Miller of IHR (hear them review my beloved M Audio Microtrack) plus Bread and Av playing “$20 Bill” and Mark Olson playing “Flame.”

Canucks Outsider #??

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