Abandon Normal Devices – Olympics from Vancouver to London

Tips and Ideas for Archiving your Vancouver Games Coverage

At the event the guys will be talking about Vancouver 2010 and citizen media specifically the True North Media House. To create some momentum and to feature your stuff during their presentation the team is putting out a call to “Document your Documentation” and reflect on your personal True North Media House, Vancouver, the Olympics and all the fun we had, content we created and things we learned.

Presentation @warwickuni for @cwsmc – #media2012, citizen media and the Olympic Games


Warwick Social Media Cafe (at the International Digital Lab at Warwick University) to speak about my research around independent media centres, the Olympic games and the forthcoming launch of the #media2012 blueprint at the Cornerhouse (part of Abandon Normal Devices festival) in Manchester on the 4th of October. The prezi for the talk is below – as well as some more details about event and concept itself. The blueprint (and updates to the plans) are available on my PhD supervisor’s website (Prof. Andy Miahhttp://bit.ly/media2012)


Along with Andrew Lavinge, we’ll connect via Skype to talk about what we learned. Here are my nortes;

Dave will discuss a few key tactical thoughts learned from organizing the True North Media House including self-accreditation,
unformal-izing organizations, collaborative workflow, open communication, setting expectations, providing resources, nuanced
communication, herding cats, working with PR firms (really), power of hash, advanced network/RSS tools – and making sure you have fun.

Attention World!! You are invited to join us at the With Glowing Hearts Unfestival 2010 presented by W2 Storyeum!

What’s an Unfestival? Well, it’s what you do when you don’t get into the big film festival in town (September 30th – October 15th) but you’re still pretty sure that there are a bunch of people out there who want to see what you’re making.   So we’re giving you a chance to see a ”work-in-progress” cut of the film, as well as getting involved in some fundraising to help us complete it.  We’ll have an exciting variety of silent auction items for you to bid on, as well as an opportunity to become a  ’producer’ on the film and have input into the final version!  We’re also excited because the screening has been scheduled to coincide with a similar preview taking place atAbandon Normal Devices, a festival of new cinema and digital culture in London, England.

Whatcha think?