The Shadow of the Podium ~ Olympic Documentary

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Kelly Ebers
After the Fact Productions

After the Fact Productions presents “The Shadow of the Podium” 24 min Documentary

There are those who promote the Olympic spirit: values of peace, fair play and goodwill amongst nations. On the contrary, Olympic resistors warn us of the economic, environmental, and social consequences of the Games. To explore both sides of the coin, After the Fact Productions presents The Shadow of the Podium.


The Olympic games are a celebration of the human spirit; designed to promote peace, excellence, and fairplay. Or so we are told…


The Olympic Games are praised globally as the pinnacle of athletic achievement, peaceful competition and goodwill amongst nations. A minority offer a quiet refutation to this praise, directly connecting the Games to environmental catastrophe, economic terrorism, and a direct assault on human rights and civil liberties. While the games are seen as the ultimate challenge to amateur athletes all over the globe, this challenge pales in comparison to those that the Olympics present to the men and woman of the host communities. These are the stories of common citizens, forced to live in the shadow of the podium.

About After the Fact Productions:

“The Shadow of the Podium” was a practicum project for a group of Ryerson University students in their final year in Radio and Television Arts. Created by Kelly Ebers (Director), this idea for a film was brought back to Ontario after listening to the discussions amongst locals in the Sea to Sky Corridor about the upcoming Olympics while she spent her last summer in Squamish, BC. The mood in Squamish was anything but celebratory, and Kelly was inspired to inform the rest of Canada. The team of eight collaborated their own money, purchased plane tickets and flew to Vancouver. In ten days, they interviewed Squamish locals such as Ana Santos and John Buchanan. With the excellent hospitality of Grace and Harv Halvorson, these students were able to afford a flight with Francois Leh to capture magnificent aerial shots of the “Beautiful British Columbia”. The group faced some set backs while in Vancouver, as all of their equipment was stolen in the middle of their trip, but walked away with key interviews with politicians such as the Premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell. For more information on After the Fact Productions, please visit You may also join their facebook group, follow them on Twitter at

The Team:
Producer – Blaise Power Director – Kelly Ebers Writer – Michael Peddle Production Manager – Krista Cassidy Director of Photography – Michael Thai Nguyen Editor – Sam Ellens Audio Director – Marissa Jevnikar Marketing Director – Seanna Jefferson