Briefing about the HempenRoad

A briefing on the HempenRoad

Early 97 —

The Hempen Road is a journey of discovery. Maybe more of a path in thought but mostly pavement in our highway reality. Like explorers and pilgrims throughout the ages, we’ve set out to realize the truth and share it to the masses. We film this.

“We” means me, Dave and partner Eiji, the filmaker. This is a multi-media film which shows the reality of the Hemp Industry, here and now. You’ll be able to see it soon. Our first journey leads us to the great Northwest, Cascadia. We’ll be going to California soon, then to Japan sometime after that, and then . . .

This is a festival quality film and we are mixing up a brew of 16mm, Super8, Hi8 video, 35mm photos, scanned images and WWW docs and all kinds of surprises. Hold on. It will be a film you can watch with your grandma or your boss who wears a tie. This is info and entertainment. Relax and have fun with it. Oh yeah, its won’t be boring either. Imagine a brew of a travel journal, a documentary film, a music video, a science project and rapid eye movement. Got it?

As we travel the coast , we are finding a potential waiting to explode. In the business reality of things, we’re seeing jobs, customers, orders, products, factories, projects, importing, computers, invoicing, making, selling. Ideas and dreams into realities. This is not a film about what hemp has done in the past or might do in the future. This is a contemporary portrait of a budding industry and a forum for thought as to what comes next.

How does the business of hemp work? Could a domestic market thrive? Is Hemp really as strong as they say? Who is making this stuff? What’s next? What can I do? Why not? Oh yeah, what exactly is hemp? We see pockets and communities building up around a support for hemp and re-thinkng ways of commerce.

We’re meeting a lotta different ages, colors, flavors and styles of people. Lot of different ideas and thoughts We’re showing the faces and personalities behind plenty ingenious and exciting Hemp products. Lots of groovin stores and other operations too. Vibrant atmospheres and quality goods. The west coast backdrop rolls along as we check-out the beauty of the Cascadia bio-region. The snowcapped volcano peaks, sand and rock coastline, blue herons and cedars. We also see the clearcuts, the belching logging trucks hauling loads of infant firs from the forests, careening down twisty, rainy roads. We see off to the roadway is the Satsop nuclear something or other with a well placed wetlands preserve in its shadow.

There is work to do. We will be finishing up the Hempen Road sometime Spring 1997. The plan is to first release to festivals and independant theatres. Then everywhere. I think you’ll like it, no matter who you are. Enjoy Knowledge!

Whatcha think?