HempenRoad Vancouver – extended mix with annotations and archives

Uncle Weed shares an annotated version of the HempenRoad: Cascadia Journey (imdb) film featuring the 1997 commercial industrial hemp symposium in Vancouver, BC, Canada / Cascadia.

Includes clips from notable speakers, an interview with HempWorld pub/ed/writer Mari Kane along with discourse about borders, eco-systems, harm reduction, and bits of transportation and sustainability mixed in.

Eiji and Dave on the HempenRoad with 16mm camera

Then an extended montage of (lousy early generation) digital camera snaps of important entrepreneurs diligently building businesses to utilize hemp in all forms. Along with the documenting is Ms. Kane’s report from the event, with UW”s comments – including the conundrums around organizing groups and importance of diversity. 

Includes loads of magazine, artifacts, ephemera, and anecdotes from California to Yap. Come along this Cascadia Journey. 


intro montage: Dan Mangan + Blacksmith playing “Road Regrets” at  House Concerts York 9.10.10 VIA houseconcertsyork.co.uk / see also: danmanganmusic.com

tradeshow montage: Bread Mountain  playing “Natural Fibre” 

outro: Bex A. playing “Lonesome Traveler” 

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featuring speakers and footage from  Commercial Industrial Hemp Symposium Feb 18 & 19, 1997at Canada Place, Vancouver  produced by Wiseman Noble

as seen in HempenRoad: Cascadia Journey – Directed, Filmed, Edited by Eiji M. (rip) Produced, Written, & Narrated by  Dave Olson (hello)

w/ Vancouver production assistance from: Brad Rees, Chris G. Andrew O, NM, and MN + lil Ben

featuring interview with Mari Kane & reading from Mari Kane’s Hemp World article “Hemp Hits Vancouver” in Summer 1997 issue

all other footage, words, opinions etc by Dave Olson except a bit of  Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver All-Star, March 2, 2012

other speakers credited in-line with best intentions for accuracy (a the time of filming) and completeness – if corrections needed, kindly inform

Made by Dave Olson in Tsuchida, Japan, Dec. 2021 


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