HempenRoad Dispatch #5, April, 1997

Mailing List #5

Sometime between March & April 1997

Hello All;

This is a broadcast message from the Hempen Road film project, travel-documentary on the commercial hemp industry.

We’ve returned from Vancouver where we participated in the Commericial Industrial Hemp Symposium as the exclusive documenters of this landmark event. The Wiseman Noble production staff did a fine job of maintaining the delicate balance throughout the two days of science, agriculture, fashion and commerce. Look for exclusive clips of the symposium speakers and trade show in the Hempen Road film, coming soon.

In the meantime please visit: “www.hempenroad.com” to see clips and comments from the event in the on-line production journal.

On the trade show, we had a chance to speak with Mari Kane, editor and publisher of Hemp World magazine & Hemp Pages. Also filmed a great paper-making demo by Mosse of Greenman Paper. He showed the process, from raw fiber to finished product, in a 10′ by 10′ booth.

The Hempen Road film project is going into the editing phase using a Mac O/s pc with a 9 gigabyte drive. We capture images by 16mm & Super8 film and Hi8 video, 35mm camera as well as scanned images. The images are then edited entirely digitally which gives us great freedom. The downside is memory, there is never enough power. This technology allows us to make a film that wouldn’t have been possible financially or content-wise, even a year ago. This makes us smile.

Another note, Eugene, Oregon’s police force has raided the headquarters of Hungry Bear Hemp Foods and seized business computers, equipment, art & supplies. Hungry Bear, Todd Dalotto was not arrested or charged. Police also confiscated quantity of cannabis flowers found on premises. Police noted that, “you have to watch these hemp stores popping up everywhere.” Show your support for Todd and eat a Seedy Sweetie snack and go for a hike.

Well all for now, check out the new pics on the www page and

enjoy knowledge,

dave olson
the Hempen Road film project

Olympia, WA Cascadia

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