Obama’s Position on Medical Marijuana

Barry Obama, class of '79With the US aflutter with electioneering, my old buddy (who i am very eager to go visit) Hemp Ed in Pe Ell (hear Ed on Bacon, Biscuits and Hemp Ed – Choogle on #39) sent along Senator Obama’s campaign’s response to Ed’s query about the candidate’s medical marijuana policy.

Note that cannabis seems absent from the current political discourse aside from Mitt Romney (stop stalking me Mitt!) telling a terminally ill patient that he wouldn’t allow him to have medicine (he must be stopped!) aside from Ron Paul who has been marginalized by the process (despite rabid grassroots support).

Anyhow, Barack (who has toked in his time)’s folks say:

Dear Friend,

Thank you for contacting Obama for America to inquire about the Senator’s position on allowing severely ill patients to use marijuana for medical purposes.

Many states have laws that condone medical marijuana, but the Bush Administration is using federal drug enforcement agents to raid these facilities and arrest seriously ill people. Focusing scarce law enforcement resources on these patients who pose no threat while many violent and highly dangerous drug traffickers are at large makes no sense. Senator Obama will not continue the Bush policy when he is president.

Thank you again for contacting us.


Obama for America

We’ll see if noted Olympia correspondent Cosmo (and precinct organizer for Obama AFAIK) has anything to add.

Photo Credit: Awesom high school yearbook image from Pushing String blog Barry Obama and the gang

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Position on Medical Marijuana”

  1. I have recently found out that I have crohns disease and its very painful. I am open to the use of medical marijuana but, I live in Iowa and the laws in this state do not allow it. I will try all other medicines first and not smoke marijuana illegally
    however so far the medication I am taking is not helping much at all. I wish poeple had an open mind mind about this issue

  2. Wow, look what my blog dashboard dug up.

    Why yes, I do have something to add. Please take due care, and govern yourselves accordingly!

    P.S. I hear there’s a medical dispensary open in Olympia to serve South Sound area patients. They have an e-mail address at olycannamed ||@|| hemp.net.

  3. Ron Paul said he would work to end the “War on Drugs”

    As President, he can have a major impact on that promise. These ‘federal agencies’, like the DEA, etc., are under the command of the executive branch. Although the “War on Drugs” cannot be abolished without congressional approval, Ron Paul would be able to nullify their activities while in the Whitehouse.

    Who else has said they would do that?

    Obama is sidestepping the issue by claiming he would end the alleged”Bush” administrations policies. Just like the other major issues around war and the economy

    He’s a player.

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