Good Timey Congratulations on the Seabus – Canucks Outsider #34

Dave, a little buzzed after Stanley Cup game one, gets a phone update from Dan Funboy about Roloson’s knee, recaps the intriguing Canes win versus Oilers, plus offer congratulations to various trophy winners around the hockey world and previews Canucks equipment sale while lamenting missing the NHL draft and awards.

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The Ferry Changes Tack

The ferry changes tack
to let the seaplanes land
tilts gamely from
the wake left behind

dragonflys were
the first to migrate
flying miles in just a day
discovered by someone younger
studying ambered fossil chunks
and specific DNA

cruisers berthed in harbour
barges haul the ore
trains railing sulphur,
prairie wheat and coal

ships robust laden
steaming to a horn
lonely crewman leans past jericho
leaving gastown cobbles behind

Edwin Embarks

Edwin wake up!
His father shook the boy
the journey begins this moment
before us long roads
and open seas

but poppa i’m tired he cried
and missing ma so much
do we have to go now
tell me why we must

Yes child
i believe you
hard and drawn
cobble paths and study oars
lead to distant shores and homes

but we’ll leave our home
and the greenest shore
grey rocky bluffs
that we’ll see no more

myths we follow
to a westfaced coast
somewhere vacant
with peaceful straits

stony walls
upturned hulls
protect us now
from the wolves

edwin let’s tread
come boy you’re strong
adventure awaits us
lit by late summer sun

Dramatic Times, Drastic Crimes

Dramatic times
drastic crimes
committed every hour

Killing words
from overlords
hoarding stolen power

Except for us
it’s all a bust
why bother even trying


I’ll tell you why
if i can figure
which are the lies
and when i’m fibbing

It’s something about
knowing the way to lead
and kickin’ the
misguided reasons spinning


Ride along and smile twice
and i’ll always see you later
if you need a chance
remember to to ask
me when i get a clue

Sunken Awake

Ashen sunken
eyes awake slowly
from morphine haze
“it relieves the anxiety to breath”

from time to time
he screams “i can’t breathe”
and i say “you’re breathing now”

he remembers his father, “a financial genius” he says
he is the kindly man with the pipe in the painting
“it hangs above my bed”
each word slow
he was always good to me and he is calling me home

come wuickly he said
i won’t last long
don’t leave yet
you’ll have to wait

he said,
i am just too tired
i am just too tired
i am ready to go
i am scared

head drops
struggles to move
i am ready to go

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