Vancouver Review worth your Twelve Bucks

Vancouver Review is a tasty and high-quality, hyper-local literary journal which i read cover to cover (well the 2 issues i got my hands on anyhow) while sailing aboard the Seabus. I’ve scored the two copies from my fave espresso lounge (Cafe Milano AKA Turk’s West) and am going to scratch out a few ducats for a subscription.

The current issue (pictured below) include discourse on bio-regionalism’s evolution into a cultural and economic meme, a review of two western decades apart, a post-modern telling of an ancient-feeling story and banter on Canadian politeness and the lack of employment in literary characters.

Plenty of local references and Douglas Coupland drippings abound in the oversized glossy which folds nicely into my lunchbox.

… and … The VR is now accepting poetry submissions … a beacon which always catch my eye but … i just write poetry, i don’t know how to analyze my work and refine for submission. Which ones are worthy and.or topical? No clue.

Vancouver Review = $12 for four issues!

Mail a cheque (in Canadian funds) made out to Vancouver Review to the address below, together with your name, mailing address and, for our records, your email address and phone number. (International subscriptions $28; institutional subscriptions $32. All prices in Canadian dollars.)

Floorball Hockey funtimes in Vancouver

Just a quick note that i checked out Floorball Hockey last week and plan on going back for another go here soon.  It is user friendly hockey with short sticks and not much equipment required (shorts and tshirt).  Co-ed, all-ages, international and cheap.  Sounds like a beauty.

Here’s the lowdown and links.

Monday Night Floorball!!! – Starts Monday

Our popular Monday Night Floorball Sessions at the Roundhouse kick-off this coming Monday night.  All equipment will be provided so you can check out different sticks,  goalie gear and take part in a competitive game. It’s a great opportunity to try the sport if you’ve never seen it and get a really good workout. We look forward to welcoming our regular players back who will be only too willing to show you the ropes and get you started!

All that’s required is the $5 drop-in fee to the Roundhouse on arrival and normal gym kit. Greg Beaudin will be back, showing off his new moves learnt on his recent trip to Toronto and doubtless reliving the goal he scored in a league game there!

So it’s New Year, it’s Monday night, it’s time for Floorball. See you at 6pm!

Michael Lindgren and The Fossil
Flickr stream here.


Canucks are We

Kudos to the Canucks for outreaching to the fans for content.  As long as the rights as non-exclusive, this is a great opportunity for crafty fans to show their skills. I think the NHL missed a huge opporunity post-lockout to really involve the fans into the decision making process.  I think the ill-fated Vote for Rory campaign was a sign that the fans want to be at least adknowledged by the suits since their opinions seem to be ignored while intelligence insulted with mediocre marketing.

I dig the Canucks signs on buses and banners around town but not as much as user generated content.  Serve it up ‘Nuckers!

Vancouver Canucks


Olympic Outsider podcast subs available in iTunes, iPadio, RSS etc.

Olympic Outsider podcast
Olympic Outsider podcast

The Olympic Outsider podcast is now available via iTunes for your convenience, ergo:

Some episodes are recording in almost-realtime via telephony to iPadio and converted to mp3 (and transcribed in some cases) on the fly (subsequently moved but still there for the archival record), ergo:

Other usual places are:

See also: 

Spot the Wonder Band

blasts from the past
Originally uploaded by Uncleweed.

A long lost friend from years ago in Logan Utah (the poet, now english teacher, Adam Burmingham) sent along this flyer from a band i played in in SLC circa 1990.

The band only lasted a short while as savnat singer/songwriter/guitar Chris Sullivan went to Alaska to fish (dammit). Bass player Dan Tatomer (Allen) is now the front man for Silver Needle, a glam-inspired rock outfit from LA, Brandon Kiggins in a filmmaker and instructor in NYC and the other drummer Eric, who knows … and me, i am just trying to get along.

The Crazy Canucks roll into 2nd half with episode 19

Another go round with the Nucks bloggers/podders – much chatter about the vast possibilites before this team and a call out to Chouinard and jeers to Chelios, Roloson et al.  Much more but in the interest of time … i’ll save myself the thinking except to say JJ’s Canucks Hockey, Rebecca Miss 604, John Radio Zoom were there, Alanah and Beyond was amidst blustery weather on the island.

Canucks are crazy

Listen for yourself and enjoy TCC#19 – Bring on the second half! January 31st, 2007 51:14


D.O.A. and The Furies Rock Richards, Vancouver, Feb 10 2007

DOA and the Furies live in vancouver

Punk Rock Confidential presented by
JEM Gallery and Sudden Death Records

D.O.A. and The Furies @ Richard’s on Richards, Vancouver, BC, Sat. Feb. 10th

Vancouver’s first punk band, The Furies will play their first show in 30 years!

  • All ages show 3 PM-6 PM
  • Over 19 show 8 PM-2 AM

Canada’s most influential punk band D.O.A. is teaming up with The Furies, Vancouver’s legendary first punk band for two shows at Richard’s on Richards, 1036 Richards St. Vancouver, BC.

The event has been dubbed Punk Rock Confidential and features a blistering cast. The amazing D.O.A. will headline the festivities. They are led by Canada’s godfather of punk, Joe Shithead Keithley, with the help of the legendary Randy Rampage on bass and The Great Baldini on drums.

The Furies started putting on shows at the old Japanese Hall in the summer of ’77. These mind blowing gigs shocked the public as the posters boldly announced “Punk Rock”. Now, The Furies, led by the incredible Chris Arnett along with the help of original bassist Jonathan Werner, are back. These shows will be their first in 30 years.

Rebel Spell will also play. They’re a great new band from Vancouver. Further support will come from First Reign, a good hard drivin’ outfit from Abbotsford.

Tickets are $15.00 in advance and $18.00 at the door. Tickets available at Red Cat, Noize To Go, Zulu, Highlife, Scratch,Bone Rattle and JEM Gallery. Tickets at JEM Gallery have no surcharge and they take phone orders as well 604 879 5366, email;

For more info, email;
Phone: 604.777.6972
Fax: 604.777.6974

Punk Rock Confidential is also sponsored by; The Only, Red Cat Records
and R and B Brewery

Hemp Lobby launches Chronicles blog

Hemp Lobby launches Chronicles blog – My amigo and co-conspiritor in advocacy and educational organization Hemp Lobby Ed Saukkooja AKA Hemp Ed is blogging up a storm with his candid and thoughtful discourse on public policy, agriculture, energy and the ill-fated “war on drugs” – see also the olden but still tasty “Practical Guide to Cannabis” (.pdf)

From: Open letter to Willie, January 29th, 2007

Here in Washington State, our legislator has paved the way for the construction of a bio-fuels reactor in the economically depressed area of Grays Harbor on our States central coast. The talk is, import of cheaply produced seed oils form South East Asia and other Pacific Nations will fuel the reactor. This is unacceptable. How does that help “stabilize the bottom rung” of the economic ladder you speak? The real answers will come with improved technology involving “cellulistic conversion”, where you grow crops for the cellulose content, not the seed, i.e. Industrial Hemp.

historical hemp photo

Cellulistic ethanol and bio-fuel can power our transportation systems, only if the crops with the “Highest” cellulose content will be permitted to grow. My research tells me, Industrial Hemp has twice the cellulose content of corn. Hemp is the answer for our short and long term energy needs, and you are the man of the hour to help us spread this message.

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