Daily, i Ride the 15 Cambie

Here’s a photo of a photo of the Cambie bus on its first day of toil – the Inner Fairview route is a bit different now and the buses newer but worn.  Cambie Bus

I saw this on the rolling transit museum which included a video with narrative of riding the trolleys and buses in the 40s-50s around Vancouver and the inter-urban lines out to the ‘burbs (there is a movement to resurrect these lines).

I enjoyed the notion of someone taking the time to film their bus rides and preserve them for viewing now.  Makes me think i am not so crazy for filming Seabus voyages.

I also enjoyed the narrative comments about how the operators worked hard to improve seats and lighting to make the ride more pleasant – what an idea!  Encourage transit riding by making it comfy and clean.

Brother Bob on more adventurous hi-jinks

Older borther Lt. Bob is an naval engineer who – due to his Japanese language ability – ended up translating for some joint military exercise which involved a trip to a Aircraft Carrier named for the esteemed Republican President Lincoln (yes the same one on which BushII unfurled the Mission Accomplished banner). Besides his tripp to my old stomping grounds of Guam, he also recently embarked on trips to Italy, Hawaii and the Japanese Alps for summits and soaks.


LTJG Robert Olson, project manager at NAVFAC Far East’s Yokosuka Public Works Department Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Division, participated as an interpreter for a group of Japanese military officers and reporters observing the Valiant Shield 2006 exercise in the Northern Marianas from 16 to 23 June. Olson, who is fluent in Japanese, escorted the group on tours of Guam military installations and aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). The exercise included an arrested carrier landing and catapult-assisted takeoff from a C- 2A Greyhound. Valiant Shield 2006 tested joint operability of three carrier strike groups and over 300 aircraft. Military members from seven Pacific-rim nations participated in the foreign observer program.”

Fireworks exploding in the distance…

Finished up 2006 Celebration of Specialness Fireworks Extravaganza on a hillside at the border between English Bay and Stanley Park with a potluck picnic, new friends and more snapshots as we watched Mexico take the prize and then saw the whole deal end with a big shiny finale.
Mexico's Firework Performance

This time i framed up some of the shots with overhanging tree branches to give some perspective to the composition and also took some tighter shots with just the exploding bits suspended in space.

Recap (almost) the whole she-bang! See the whole Mexico set + Czech Fireworks set + Chinese Fireworks

Declared the finest fireworks picture ever!

Chinese Fireworks in VancouverThe esteemed Unabonger has declared this as his favorite fireworks picture of all time. While there is no contest occuring, i must say, i am really pleased with how they turned out.

I have dozens upon dozens from this night of the Celebration of Fire competition alone (China) and only posted maybe 6-8 so as to not flood my photostream but i’ll likley make something out of the whole collection. Plus still two more nights to shoot with Czech Republic and Mexico competing for the prize(?).

Anyhow, I ran them through a slideshow last night and really dug the dimension of the colours and and, when in full size, seeing the subtitles of the smoke of the water (dada dada dudada) and the details on the barge. Check out the whole set including the walk to English Bay and the sights and folks around.

on the way to chinese fireworks by Uncleweed

Hosers on the Frontporch – Canucks Outsider #37

DaveO and Sweatpants Mark talk summertime Canucks, Whalers and more hockey news while cracking a few late night beverages on the porch.

Listen to Canucks Outsider #37 (.mp3 31:52)

Kootenay Ale on the front porch

Topics include Whalers/Hurricanes winning the Cup, Canucks signing Louongo and Mitchell, new look defense, empty RW slots, refined strategy and other reasons for optimism.  Plus chatter on Moose callup, Coyotes overpaying players, Martin Gelinas, Brendan Shanahan, Gilbert Perrault, achy legs and preview of state of the franchise address.


Baudelaire Considers Ships, Youth and Beauty – Postcard #32

Postcards from Gravelly Beach - Karapatiya, Red Wall

Continuing from the corner garden in the unnamed park, Dave reads from French symbolist (and hopeless romantic) Charles Baudelaire who continues with Joseph Conrad themes of ships, youth and beauty with a piece called “The Beautiful Ship” before gracefully giving way to a song by The Black Tories.

Board the vessel for: Baudelaire Considers Ships, Youth and Beauty – Postcard #32 (.mp3, 18MB, 6:10)

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Conrad’s Youthful Adventures from an Unnamed Park – Postcard #31

Postcards from Gravelly Beach - Colombo Red Green Tall Postbox

Dave reads from Joseph Conrad’s “Youth: A Narrative” from the community garden in the park with no name near Cambie-land, Vancouver and meanders on about riding trains, steamer ships, expansive seas and erstwhile adventures while immersed in foreign culture and ends with a bit of a seascape tune from an original piece called “The Ferry Changes Tack.”

Park yourself for:  Conrad’s Youthful Adventures from an Unnamed Park – Postcard #31 (.mp3, 17:04, 16MB)
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Adopt Justin’s Cedars – Urban Vancouver #3

DaveO chats with Justin Tilson to talk about the 10,000 Western Red Cedars he recently adopted to help effectuate positive global climates. They also banter about his community gardening projects and abandoned raill-ine corridor and an inconvenient truth.

Bring a spade for: “Adopt Justin’s Cedars” (13:38, 13MB, .mp3, )


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