Vancouver Giants Day at City Hall – Canucks Outsider #54

At Vancouver City Halll, Mayor Sam proclaims May 29 as Vancouver Giants day to celebrate the Memorial Cup victory vs Medicine Hat Tigers and Dave O chats with Owner Pat Quinn, Giants Captain Brent Festerling, Coach Don Hay and listens to Ron Toigo thank the people and talk about Gordie Howe’s reactions to the win.

Also snippets with Memorial Cup MVP Milan Lucic and Canadian Gold Medalist Kendal Mcardle along with the usual politcal grandstanding and pompitude.

Topics include Gordie Howe’s happiness and sadness, next year’s Giants captain, best way to develop young hockey players, future Mem Cups in Vancouver, Pat Quinn’s next job, Don Hay’s secrets and predictions on future success.

Download Vancouver Giants Day at City Hall – Canucks Outsider #54 (.mp3, 26:40, 24MB)

photo of the BC Floorball goalie,
The Fossil” by SillyGwaillo

Edited by John Bollwit – AudiHertz blog, Radio ZoomCrazy CanucksFlickr

Music by Sebadoh (thanks Lou! who is on tour with his other band Dinosaur Jr.)

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PS Yes i know i said Game 7 rather than Championship game to Milan Lucic – ooops

PPS See also From the Sidelines blog from Dhiren Mahiban and his 2007 Master Card Memorial Cup set on Flickr – he was the other voice chiming in on the Brent Festerling interview

Brent Festerling by Dhiren Mahiban


Flattery, oh yes, bring it on… Miss 604’s Tribute post

Miss 604 posted a {blush} tribute to me and my wee lil interweb projects:

“Being all bored at work on this lovely Tuesday morning (before we had internet powers) I found a link to my site off one of Dave Olsen’s (aka Uncleweed’s) MANY projects: Mountain Highway [mh].

If you follow that link you’ll see all of Dave’s projects listed on the sidebar. Hmm I could link to all of them from here but man, that would take up a lot of space and I already have his podcasts listed on my sidebar so check’em out there (inclu. Hockey NW and Choogle On) and yeah, I’m just being a wee bit lazy…sorry

From those NUMEROUS podcasts, photo blogs, poetry and of course – hockey info – he’s seriously got to be one of the hardest working blogger/podcaster people in Vancouver or appears to be anyway ;)

I’m just waiting til he and John [radiozoom] can get together and do one big mega-Vancouver podcast while I’m in the background sipping beer and watching hockey, occasionally throwin out an opinionated comment. “

Rev. Bob’s Fave Bar in Granada

A sunny afternoon here in Vancouver with me office-sequestered has me thinking about chillaxin’ with a beverage – maybe some random conversation with a stranger, a bit of a snack mayhaps.

When i look at this snapshot from my amigo, writer, scholar Bob Kezer (the Urantia Writer) i wanna pull up a barstool and read a bit of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “100 Years of Solitude” before a few games of backgammon.

I noted to the Rev that i wanna recreate this photo with us sitting on the stools! Perhaps replace the sleeping dog with a piglet and add herbal enhancements to the table goods. Sigh, … for now, i’ll dream of a relaxing afternoons while i whittle away the day …

Bob fave bar in Granada spain

Bob sez: my favorite bar in granada. no name I know of…call it 57 cause of the faded number above one of the doors. highest bar in the sacramonte…just keep going up and around the hill…gitano country.

Etymology of Chooglin’ in rock, funk and boogie – Definition of Choogle

You know i dig Chooglin’ on – meaning rambling along on adventures, going elsewhere, somewhere, nowhere … rolling where i feel the flow, getting in a ruckus and causing a disturbance – but ya know the good kind of raucous disturbances.

When i think about ‘who’s chooglin’?’ i think of the dude careening down the city road riding an overloaded shopping cart of bottles, cans and random crap, he’s chooglin’. The old lady with a cane hustling to catch the bus cause the driver ain’t got no heart to wait – she’s a chooglin’. The busker i see in the seabus tunnel playing his guts out and getting hassled by the po-po cause he ain’t got no permit and he’s just trying to sing to the folks man! – he be a chooglin’ for sure. Chooglin’ is a state of mind – a go with the flow but in an immediate active tense … so as i sees it anyhow.

Choogle on Street Party

Some urban dictionary jive has all sorts of crazy speculation about what means choogle/chooglin’/choogling ranging from dubious sex acts to cheating or Chinese-i-fying some search engine which vaguely rhymes with choogle.

Turns out some lads in Austin spent the time to figure what the meaning of choogle is on the street. Read the whole treatise (written by Christopher Gray, published Wed Apr 18, 12:40pm) called To Choogle or Not to Choogle as he talks about a band called Chooglin’ and the origins of the word in a semi-academic manner.

(btw, the band is described in another article “Choogle X 2” thusly: “The fourpiece utilizes garage-borne punk fury to remind us of the ass-shaking salvation once offered by the boogie-down guitar rock of the Seventies before it got all bloated on deli trays and cocaine.”)

Noble effort indeed. Here’s a guy who clearly spent some time diggin’ into the heart of rockin forth,boogie-ing down and chooglin’ – serving up the full riffs of swampy CCR, burly BTO and ramblin Grateful Dead as the reprentative soundtrackers to the choogle lifestyle. Serves up some tasty honorable mentions to Sly and his Family of Stone(r)s, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Skynyrd, (phat) Elvis (sometimes) and even cameo chooglin by alt-rock savants Modest Mouse. Knew someone would find a common thread between all those besides just me.

Here a remixed sampler pack of quotes about the etymology of Chooglin’ but wise folks with read up on the choogle (Copyright © 2007 Austin Chronicle Corporation. All rights reserved. Used under fair use.) and live it right (or wrong – whichever, i do not fret):

Some words are so much fun to say it almost doesn’t matter what they mean. So it is with the perpetually misunderstood swampy rock & roll term “choogle.” It’s one of those words – SF Weekly calls it a “nonsense rock verb” this week – that gets tossed around a fair amount even though its actual meaning is elusive.

If applied correctly, it’s simply a synonym for awesome, and this nonsense rock verb is having a bit of a moment right now.

But choogle is meant to be embraced, not overlooked. “Choogle is a debauched form of white-boy boogie, after white-boy boogie drank too much Old Crow and fell asleep on his deck listening to Grand Funk Railroad,” SF Weekly’s Frances Reade, profiling contemporary acid casualties the Assemble Head, writes in the paper’s current issue. “Choogle has a nasty sunburn and a hangover, but he’s still ready to party.”

Choogle dates back at least to 1969, when it was coined by John Fogerty. Lord knows how he came up with it, but Fogerty advised listeners to “Keep on chooglin'” for eight whole minutes on Creedence Clearwater Revival’s second album, Bayou Country.

Choogle also became known as an especially funky form of travel once Fogerty stated his intention to “choogle on down to New Orleans” in the same album’s “Born on the Bayou.” Deposed former Village Voice rock scribe Robert Christgau, never, ever guilty of overanalysis, displays a firm grasp on choogle on his Web site’s Creedence entry: “The energy implied by coinages like ‘choogle’ and ‘ramble tamble’ has more to do with vigor than with potency, more to do with simple activity than with sexuality. That distinction has its parallel in Fogerty’s politics, which are less apocalyptic (and revolutionary) than activist (and liberal) – the politics of agape rather than the politics of eros.” Word, Bob.

[Dave note: ‘the politics of agape rather than the politics of eros.’ = whoa dude]

… it’s more of a rhythm than anything else: fluid, organic, undulating. Though the tempo varies, all choogle carries an insistent drive that just won’t quit. Therefore, the lion’s share of Sly & the Family Stone’s newly reissued 1969 landmark Stand! could rightfully be called choogle, while some Southern rock icons are almost completely choogle-free.

Choogle is rooted in the blues, but doesn’t live there – the Allman Brothers couldn’t choogle to save their lives. Lynyrd Skynyrd were capable of chooglin’ – “Gimme Three Steps” and “Call Me the Breeze” come to mind – but certainly not “Free Bird” or “Saturday Night Special.” .38 Special flirted with choogle on “Hold On Loosely” and “Caught Up in You,” but more as a garnish than a foundation. Post-’68-comeback Elvis choogled all over “Burning Love,” “Suspicious Minds,” and Tony Joe White’s “Polk Salad Annie,” but was inevitably eclipsed by less choogly ballads like “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” More’s the pity.

Like Fogerty himself, many of history’s main chooglers hail from way outside Dixie. All-time choogler anthem “Takin’ Care of Business” comes to us from Winnipeg, Canada, by way of Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Cleveland native Joe Walsh took choogle to new heights on “Rocky Mountain Way,” and once they got going, the Grateful Dead could choogle for hours on end. Maybe even days..

Metal never, ever choogles, except maybe Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades.” Modest Mouse flirts with chooglin’ a few times on latest We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, but never quite follow through.

To Choogle or Not to Choogle Christopher Gray, published Wed Apr 18, 12:40pm

(Copyright © 2007 Austin Chronicle Corporation. All rights reserved. Used under fair use.)

Washington State Updates Medical Cannabis Law

From comes this excerpt from SB 6032 – a bill to clarify some ambiguity in the existing Medical Marijuana law. A situation i’ve followed closely for many years while sabres rattle and protestors get rained on – endless debates and rallies with painfully slow progress.

I recall a rally on the Capitol steps in 1996/7 when the momentun and public opinion suggested that we were on the brink of some major freedoms in this erstwhile campaign. I was filming The HempenRoad and Dennis Peron was fresh off big victory in California (where is he now?) and Ralph Seely was fighting tough as cancer ravaged his body. Robert Lunday was there youthful and focused (pause). So much energy for such a simple and harmless treatment. There is simply not a toxic level to this plant (trust me, i would’ve found it by now).

As a dude with chronic GI tract problems and dozens of doctor’s visits (homeopathic, acupuncuture, chinese herbs, allopathic, specialists galore) as a result, i reckon i qualify in the expanded list of “acceptable ailments.” Also noteworthy is the police not being liable for not seizing stash so not more of that “i was just following orders” excuse and doctors and caregivers being specifcally removed from hassles – i am not so naive to think that this will be a smooth ride but (some of) the compassion clinics in California show it can be done discretely and honestly and legally.

Alas, workplaces are not required to provide a place for patients to use thier herb but i know a few Washington businesses which already do ;-).

Excerpts follow:

May 8, 2007, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire signed Senate Bill 6032, an amendment to The Medical Use of Marijuana Act of 1998, originally filed by Dr. Rob Killian, (back row in white shirt) physician of Martin Martinez, (far right) the Seattle man who claimed “medical necessity” at trial in 1996 and 1997.

More photos here
News articles here
Support letters here


Excerpts from SB 6032:

Sec. 1. The legislature intends to clarify the law on medical marijuana so that the lawful use of this substance is not impaired and medical practitioners are able to exercise their best professional judgment in the delivery of medical treatment, qualifying patients may fully participate in the medical use of marijuana, and designated providers may assist patients in the manner provided by this act without fear of criminal prosecution. This act is also intended to provide clarification to law enforcement and to all participants in the judicial system.

Sec. 2. The people of Washington State find that some patients with terminal or debilitating illnesses, under their physician’s care, may benefit from the medical use of marijuana. Qualifying patients with terminal or debilitating illnesses who, in the judgment of their physician, may benefit from the medical use of marijuana, shall not be found guilty of a crime under state law for their possession and limited use of marijuana;
Persons who act as designated providers to such patients shall also not be found guilty of a crime under state law for assisting with the medical use of marijuana; and
Physicians shall also be excepted from liability and prosecution for the authorization of marijuana use to qualifying patients for whom, in the physician’s professional judgment, medical marijuana may prove beneficial.

Legal use of medical marijuana:

Terminal or debilitating medical conditions that qualify for the use of medical marijuana include: cancer, HIV, MS epilepsy, intractable pain unrelieved by standard treatments, Glaucoma unrelieved by standard treatments, Crohn’s disease unrelieved by standard treatments, Hepatitis C unrelieved by standard treatments, anorexia, and diseases with symptoms of wasting, appetite loss, cramping, seizures, muscle spasms, or spasticity, when those symptoms are unrelieved by standard treatments.

Licensed physicians shall be excepted from the state’s criminal laws and shall not be penalized in any manner, or denied any right or privilege, for advising a qualifying patient about the risks and benefits of medical marijuana or that the qualifying patient may benefit from the use of medical marijuana, or for providing a qualifying patient with valid documentation that the medical use of marijuana may benefit that patient.

A qualifying patient is a person who has been diagnosed with a terminal or debilitating medical condition by a licensed physician who has advised them on risks and benefits and recommended that he or she may benefit by the use of medical marijuana. A qualifying patient must possess valid documentation. Valid documentation includes a copy of a document signed by the physician, or a copy of the patient’s pertinent medical records stating that, in the physician’s professional opinion, the patient may benefit from the medical use of marijuana. The patient must also possess proof of identity such as a Washington state driver’s license or identicard.

A designated provider is a person who is at least 18 years of age and who has been designated to possess medical marijuana in writing by a qualified patient, and must also possess a Washington state driver.s license or identicard. A designated provider may not consume the marijuana he or she may possess for the use of the qualified patient, and must be “the designated provider to only one patient at any one time.”

A qualified patient or designated provider must present valid documentation to police upon demand, and must possess no more marijuana than necessary for the patient’s personal medical use, not exceeding the amount necessary for a sixty-day period. When an officer determines that a patient or designated provider qualifies under this chapter the officers may document the amount in possession, and they may take a relative sample for testing, “but not seize the marijuana”. Law enforcement officers cannot be held liable for failure to seize medical marijuana.

A qualifying patient under 18 years of age may engage in the medical use of marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation, however, production, acquisition, and dosage determinations shall be the responsibility of that patient’s parent or legal guardian.

If charged with a violation of state law relating to marijuana, a qualifying patient or a designated provider who assists a qualifying patient in the medical use of marijuana will have established an affirmative defense to such charges by proof of compliance with the requirements of this chapter.


It is a misdemeanor to use or display medical marijuana in a manner or place open to the view of the general public.

A health insurance provider cannot be held liable for claims of reimbursement for the medical use of marijuana.

A physician is not required to authorize the medical use of marijuana for a patient afflicted with a terminal or debilitating condition.

Places of employment, educational centers, correctional facilities, and other public places are not required to provide on-site accommodations for qualifying patients to use medical marijuana.

It is a class C felony to fraudulently produce any record purporting to be, or to tamper with the content of any record for the purpose of having it accepted as valid documentation.

The affirmative defense shall be denied to any person engaged in the medical use of marijuana in a way that endangers the health or well-being of any person through the operation of a motorized vehicle on a street, road, or highway.


The Medical Quality Assurance Commission in consultation with the Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, or other appropriate agency as designated by the governor, shall accept for consideration petitions submitted to add terminal or debilitating conditions to those currently included in this chapter. Consideration of additional medical conditions shall include public notice and a public hearing upon such petitions. Final determinations may be subject to judicial appeal.

The Department of Health shall adopt rules defining the quantity of marijuana that could reasonably be presumed to be a sixty day supply for qualifying patients. This presumptive determination may be overcome with evidence of a qualifying patient’s necessary medical use. The Department of Health shall make a good faith effort to include all stakeholders identified in the rule-making analysis.

The Department of Health shall gather information from medical and scientific literature, from consulting with experts and the public and by reviewing the best practices of other states regarding access to an adequate, safe, consistent, and secure source, including alternate distribution systems, of medical marijuana for qualifying patients.

The Department of Health shall report these findings to the state Legislature by July 1st, 2008.

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White Poppies for Remembrance rolls on with HD Thoreau and Gord Downie + more tasty tunes

Thanks to some new found energy resultant from some very agressive acupuncture (fortified with electrical stimulation), I rallied out another (part 6) of the White Poppies peace and war series on Postcards from Gravelly Beach (my spoken word literature podcast – Feed – iTunes).  Really enjoying crafting these and still have at least 3 maybe 5 more to go in this series – then maybe move onto the trees and logging conundrums in Calyoquot sound series (featuring lots of Gary Snyder and other essays).  Anyhow, in case you are a non-violence advocate and literature enthusiast, check out my wee programme.

Awakening to the Dawn of Potential – Postcard #45

This one continues with me at the mostly empty Victory Park on the 3 day Remembrance Day weekend last November discussing human value and potential and perception with a poem by Gord Downie (hear Gord’s day job in “Hip Night in Vancouver – Choogle on #31) from “Coke Machine Glow” and two stirring excerpts from Henry David Thoreau’s classic “Walden” plus a “Declaration” from my original Letters from Russia project (read in a hospital room in Logan, Utah).  Salty and missing sea captian Chris Jacobsen sings “Providence” and Rock Plaza Central sing “Children be Joyful” and me and Miss Sena lay down some percussion-scape from Steamboat Island to jam along with the city bus brakes and heavy thoughts.

REM recording in Vancouver

REM Begins Recording in Vancouver

from R.E.M.hq via Heading to Vancouver

I have many things to mention about this …:

1) Story about meeting REM (fairgrounds SLC, UT circa 1985/6, Guadacanal Diary opening) – Buck and Mills were real friendly to a young sprout like me

2) Story about meeting EKap and explaining about REM’s album Fables of the Reconstruction before i realized he was tight with the band

3) Story about telling EKap i saw REM 6 times before Green tour (in 4 time zones to boot) most of which before he was out of elementary school (grizzled am i)

4) Discourse on the transitions of Vancouver as a recording hotspot for various genres (cheesepop, punk, metal, and most recently REM and Police)

5) Commentary about REM’s role in music these days (no Bill Berry, why do they still work so hard?, what is their legacy? (and i don’t mean all the hall of fame sh!t) are they really more important that U2? as i always argued with Corey Demille about in 10th grade)

6) Ponder what happened to my sweet 4-colour-bleed tour book about pondering perpetual motion from (which?) tour (no doubt lost with so much other misc rcok stuff)

7) Reminise about first buying “Murmur” at a record store in Bellingham and rewinding Radio Free Europe a dozen times before moving on to the next tracks (on cassette)

8) Happy memories on “Perfect Circle” as a stealth song for smoothing the ladies (before released much later and some lame band hi-jacked the name making things confusing)

9) Stories of Peter Buck’s other bands and projects i caught or listened to + his wife’s ownership of the Croc Cafe in Seattle (scene of much fun)

10) Recalling buying Dead Letter Office (along with Stewart Copeland’s Rumblefish Soundtrack) on vinyl in Toronto and flying them home with some damage to SLC (Still my fave REM album though Reckoning and Fables are perenial faves too)

11) Rambling about the disconnect i felt with the band when they chezed out with the Shiny Happy Radio Song pablum (but i’m mostly over it now) – shoot not even sure what happened on their last few albums … anyone wanna lend me a copy?

But since i am toiling away, i will just say the REM are recording somewhere in Vancouver – nothing more. 

(photo above uncredited – assumed to be Kaplan’s like this one)

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Awakening to the Dawn of Potential – Postcard #45

Pod cover - Postcards from Gravelly Beach - Awakening Dawn Potential

Part 6 of the “White Poppies for Remembrance” series considers the opportunity cost of the lost human potential while at the Victory cenotaph in downtown Vancouver – along the way, troubadours sing about Providence, Joyful(ness) along with spontaneous percussion-scapes and city bus brakes.

DaveO examines the value of life with Gord Downie‘s swift deconstructions of existence from Coke Machine Glow, Henry David Thoreau‘s visionary stories of perseverance and the value of the mindfulness from Walden and a personal declaration of sovereignty and dignity from original Letters from Russia read in hospital to ole gramps.

Awake ye, awake for: “Awakening to the Dawn of Potential – Postcard #45” (17:51, 128k mp3, 25MB)

Continue reading Awakening to the Dawn of Potential – Postcard #45

Oly’s Last Word Books kicking down the rare goods

Wise book enthusiasts are advised to visit Last Word Books in OlyWa. Check the tasty stash including the thick stack from the legendary counter-culture publisher Loompanics plus Evergreen College library books – cheap out the backdoor. The rag-tag group is even MySpaced and erstswhile curators of the Oly Zine Library and un-secretly Pirates and Honky Tonk Dragons .

Last Word Books – and their stablemate Rec the Place Fantastic Records – are worker owned collectives specializing in hard to find media of all sorts and providing a comfortable and welcoming space for the free exchange of ideas and they are a Zhonka Surfbreak location – kicking down the free wi-fi for the people! What’s more, they tend the Uncle Weed collection of cannabis related books and magazines for professional use only).  Here’s a map to Last Word Books in downtown Olympia.  To get to Olympia better, be sure to examine the Oly Poster Project & listen to the Clubside Breakfast Time podcast

LWB is a frequent stop for me whenst sojourned in Wa’s capitol city – where everyone brings a half dozen friends to college with them and stay on to starta rock band or non-profit group (well not all, some start worker’s owned collectives).

Here’s what Evergreen had to say about LWB:

Last Word Books emerged from the storefronts of downtown Oly on May 2002, opened by four ambitious then-sophomore Evergreen students. Six Greeners and alumni now run this cooperative. All but 2 percent of the books are used; even the new ones make use of recycled material. The inspiration for this used-book store came from co-owner Sky Cosby, whose father owns Walla Walla’s Earth Light.

Sky Cosy LWB David at LWB
Photos by Cynthia Miller

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