Scrapbooking: building a batch with ukiyo-e & sento calendar covers

I made some Scrapbooks, they are really quite magnificent.

This is my workbench with stack of Scrapbooks (don’t look too close).

These multipurpose, archival historical record capturing and creating “devices” will make their way out into the world to find forever homes – one here in Japan, maybe one for our family and the rest to friends in BC who I think will love and stuff.

Details include:

  • Hand sewn with waxed-thread side binding
  • Ukiyo-e calendar front covers
  • Sento calendar back covers
  • Black foam core back board
  • Green/tan kraft card front board
  • A4 white cardstock block
  • Lined rice paper front piece (w/ “message” stamp)
  • Trimmed shodo paper inserts
  • Various envelopes for item storage inside back cover
  • Non-fungible “hitchhiker” currency inserted in above envelope
  • Colophon on last blockpage with quirky self-portrait, notary emboss, red ink sig & #AlwaysBeKind stamp

Notable that I used my “foot pedal operated overhead laser scanner” to capture steps along the way as well as put a “vintage” iPhone on a tripod facing the bench so maybe one of these days there will be a video documenting the process. It won’t necessarily be “good” but it might simply exist.

The scrapbooks however, as mentioned above, are magnificent by any possible measure (says me ;)).