Artifacts: Cameras (various), with thoughts about impermanence

Here’s looking at you future past… (As seen while dropping off expired 35 mm film for developing, something mildly recursive about all of this).

The blue Lomo Diana with flash seen to right came home with us for a christmas gift for Ryoko, along with 3 rolls of expired 35mm film. 

Anyhow, the film i took to develop didn’t have extra wedding photos as hoped but rather old photos of a previous life in a swimming pool with my brothers and also brother James at his old job doing game day presentation at BC Lions CFL games. 

Outside the little shop were a couple of parts bins with camera bodies, lens etc. I pointed out to others who saw these pics that the store had hundreds of carefully maintained olden cameras and these were just units beyond repair. 

There was also thought that these pieces could be used to make props for science fiction/fantasy movies, and a conversation about how old cameras at 2nd hand stories often have undeveloped film inside – a curious but expensive hobby to develop and see the secrets to be sure. However, i saved an article somewhere about someone somewhere doing just this was discarded negatives – i mean printing and discovering anonymous lives and stories. 

Indeed! Everything is impermanent and things which as precious in one moment, rapidly dissolve into unwanted detris. However, no reason not to be always archiving, maintaining, curating, and savouring. 





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