Items (from archive): mountain flyers, rock newspaper clippings etc.

Did some sortganizing in the archive & took a few quick snaps of interesting items, snip’d, collect’d, curat’d.

Now into plastic sleeves and binders of personal archaeology and inspiration. None of these by themselves are “important“ and it’s not any kind of complete collection on any certain topic, but they’re all *just* decorations accumulated throughout my life which collectively, colour in the white space.

Ergo, evidence: (brief annotations in captions)

Firstly and importantly, a calendar from a great Mexican restaurant in Provo, appropriately permanently forever in July/August 1991 one of the weirdest summers of my life (and that’s saying something) #FishTacos
Flyer for a (church)?group hike up Timpanogos 11,750 in Utah Valley, prob 1987/8
Mudhoney in Weekly Volcano 2005 / As for “still rockin’” now in 2022 they’re on tour with the meat puppets, just in studio recording another album, consistently putting out great music, and this article in 2005 was 17 years from the release of “Superfuzz Bug Muff” and 17 years till now.
Mike Watt 2011 / Legend just completed a massive 43 date to her, got back and immediately started on another live project while also putting out frequent podcasts, a book of photography etc. etc.
Hog farm Pignic (formerly “electric on the eel”) Wavy Gravy‘s shindig – maybe 1996?
“Early days“ of craft beer going *cough* main stream, article by Thirsty Writer pal Joe Wiebe
Business card for a window washing company with Doug Elliott in Scarborough Ontario, summer 1987 “quality” – heh

Note: Somehow because I’ve been constantly on the move my whole life, odd bits of paper ended up in my storage locker in bins and now sortganized in sleeves, binders etc

Whatcha think?