Collection: Olivetti Lettera 34 (at Tsuchida Cottage, Okayama)

first look at new-to-me typewriter: Olivetti Lettera 34

Along our meandering honeymoon ramble, a spontaneous stop along the way – in an otherwise unremarkable corner of Ishikawa-ken at a 2nd hand shop – sparked two incidents.

the Lettera 34 settling in to address some envelopes for thank you cards – flowers are key

The first was the purchase of a nearly perfect condition Olivetti Lettera 34 typewriter (note: the 33 and 35 are listed in Typewriter Database but the 34 is not as it is – perhaps – a Japan specific machine including a “¥ shift” key on the number row). Also noting UK Pound, various fractions and a margin release key.

a few curious/amusing (whatever that means) key circled
detail for model name and number “olivetti Lettera 34”

Bought from the Granny shop owner for ¥2500 (about $22 US or $27 CDN) no haggling. (note: ribbon ordered as the one inside was dried out).

scene from inside the 2nd hand shop where typewriter was purchased

Formerly belonged to “A. Inayama” (according to the Dyno label).

previous owner’s name “A. Inayama” as indicated by Dymo letters

Shipped it home to Okayama via Takayubin service without any additional packaging (they just put a tag on the handle and it arrived just fine).

the hardshell case of the machine arrived at home unblemished by “takyubin” delivery service

The other incident was hopping a train at a tiny station which took us high into the mountains to catch another (open side) train which went up Kurobe Gorge with natural splendour and robust civil engineering works (shared elsewhere).

Sitayama station where the multi-train journey to Krube Gorge began. The 2nd hand shop was just behind the station

Lettera finding a place on my writing desk
another view of the 2nd hand shop just before i looked down to spot the machine
another view of the Lettera 34 settling in to address some envelopes for thank you cards – flowers are key, card items in view


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