Signs in the Wild, vol. 3: Danger + other stringent rules, ardent warnings & unsolicited advice

this railway doesn’t *look very active* but hey, the sign says so

Oftentimes, I come across signs which are interesting, amusing or occasionally useful, or maybe just aesthetically curious or intriguing. Not funny *per se* but mildly amusing, accidentally inspiring, or possibly crafty. 

Here are some, i have others, suppose this means *yet another series*. Here we go:

out fall can be interperated various ways, none pleasing

I don’t remember where any of were seen/photographed, well maybe I do for some… but then i’d face a problem of incompleteness and inconsistency, so… what follows is an un-annotated, non-geo-located, and un-credited assortment and purely for archival amusement purposes.

seems simple enough, right?

Your enjoyment is important to me. Remix as desired.

a lot to process in this riff of wisdom
this area unsafe for yuppies
authorized personnel only (very important shed)
Danger! yes this look very dangerous
General Alarm, Do you know where you station is?
Important instructions for operating throttle