Artifact: PNE “Hula Whoop” Student Pass, ca. 1978

Artifact: PNE “Hula Whoop” Student Pass
As I recall, students were given a day pass at the end of the year for the “Pacific National Exhibition (PNE)” which has gone through periods of popularity and decline… There’s also a “play land” with rides and amusements but the fair, which generally happens around my birthday in August, features barns of animals, hawkers promoting new products, competitive plants, endless food stands, various musical acts and popular things like pig races and lumberjack games.

This is one such pass, probably from the late 1970s. Oh and maybe “Hula Whoop” was the “theme” for that year… (note to self: research this more, or not…) Note: this was also a way to get parents to pony up for tickets to haul their kid along

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