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Social Media webisode from With Glowing Hearts film documenting 2010 Olympics

I’ve participated and supported Andrew Lavinge and Jon Onroy‘s documentation of the social changes and cultural mishaps surrounding the 2010 Winter Olympics called “With Glowing Hearts.”

Now they are sneaking bits out the back door of the editing lab and i’m sharing a clip focused on social media featuring the brilliant Amber Case, the wise Michael Tippett, the educated Andy Miah and the charming April Smith.

Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Social Media – video playlist

Various artifacts, interviews, documentaries, presos and press conferences about social media/ citizen reporting at Vancouver 2010 Olympics – including the True North Media House project. Let it roll…

Photo Essay: Welcoming the World to Vancouver 2010 Olympics via Vancouver Access 2010

This is an excerpt from the 2nd of several Vancouver 2010 Olympics photoessays created by Kris Krüg.

Vancouver is filled with energy now that 2010 Winter Olympic Games has officially started.

The last week has been filled with the excited fervor of the last month and anticipation of the upcoming weeks.

Here is a photographic look into the last week of adventure and celebrations, before the official opening of the Games in Vancouver.

Iain Black welcomed the public to the opening of the VX Forum in Vancouver, BC. Black is Minister of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development in Canada and is pictured here with Nadia Nascimento and Dave Olson of Invoke Media which is the parent company to twitter-based application Hootsuite.

Source: PHOTO ESSAY: Canada Welcomes The World to The Vancouver 2010 Olympics | Vancouver Access 2010

True North Media House & the Olympics at Fresh Media live blog

True North Media House & the Olympics at Fresh Media live blog

True North Media – Olympics & Social Media notes

DaveO  7 minutes ago

My colleagues & I have covered several Olympics as social media-makers plus reached out to VANOC, IOC and other acronyms for 4+ years and spoke to numerous groups and trad. media but not been included in any manner by the official orgs. We received a meaningless response from VANOC from the open letters but moved ahead anyhow because we know the way people get news has changed.

As such, we are rallying up the TrueNorthMediaHouse.com project to provide a “home” for alternative coverage so I’m a little bit surprised that *finally* less than 6 months to the Games, they sorta jump on board and say all the right things. Uhh welcome to the 21st century, pull up a chair

Wes, thanks for this great piece of reporting. It’s been a long road and frankly i am exhausted, disappointed and frustrated by the slow adoption of new media by IOC and the non-inclusion by VANOC. This is good news – i guess – but the timing is odd. At this point, i am more concerned about finding Latvian hockey fans to party with ;-).

Canucks Outsider Media Scrapbook

Whilst tidying up all Canucks Outsider-related ephemera, I’ve rounded up a few oddments of media coverage and Fanzone related stuff for posterity. There are more out there so i’ll gather photos by my Crazy Canucks colleagues and stash ’em here as possible.

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Canucks Outsider podcast episode art archive

Hockey NW and Canucks Outsider design archive

My grassroots Canucks media coverage began with the “Pig Express” my own publication from 1979 – this edition featured then-GM Jake Milford flying to Sweden to recruit players
Pig Express #2 P.1

At the SLC 2002 Olympics came my anecdotal CBC HNIC appearance with Don Cherry, Ron McLean and Joe Neiuwendyk’s brother Gilles – Don Cherry wore my furry hat (thanks to brother Anders) which was featured in his montage for a few seasons – i spoke with Ron and Don about my daily photo journal of 28 events in 13 days61-mclean-cherry-postgame2

Vancouver Courier’ Mark Hasiuk wrote up the Canucks Outsider podcast during the playoff run on 2007 with special emphasis on my support of the international fansVancouver Courier

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True North Media House – Kids with beards making media in 24 Hours

True North Media House in 24 Hours
KK and DaveO discuss TNMH while sporting beards and hats

True North Media House is shaping up, pushing forward and making its own path to the 2010 Winter Olympics. Seeking to form a partnership with the W2 Community Media Arts Centre, TNMH is hosting a pivotal meeting today (Thursday, 6pm, Catalyst Internet office). The mainstream media is paying attention with coverage by Business in B.C., Business in Vancouver The Vancouver Sun, CBC, BBC and most recently 24 Hours. Indeed the message of inclusiveness, variety, free expression, and creativity is getting out there, beyond the massive coverage on the web o’ world. In today’s 24 Hours article (featuring myself, Kris Krug and our rocking beards) Kris is quoted: “We’re just a bunch of kids who are doing social media and online media and we just want to cover the Olympics […] We’re banding together to share sources, resources, photographers, places to work, press briefings.” And that’s all true, except maybe the kids part ;-). Sign up to the mailing list, visit the website and follow TNMH on Twitter!) as we plan a friendly parallel for new media which seems to be undervalued by modern dinosaurs.

Bonus: Add speech bubbles to imagine what KK and I were talking about during the shoot my Carmine Marinelli from 24 Hours. 24hours Article about TNMH with KK and DaveOCity of Vancouver Media By-law Report

Shut out from Olympic Worldwide Media Briefing at Canada Place

KK and Uncle Weed check in from Canada Place after being rejected entry to the VANOC worldwide press briefing event — We had hoped use our experience crowd-covering previous Olympic Games to discuss how social media can enhance the accredited media’s coverage and also provide deep documentary into the fan experience and lesser-known athlete’s stories. Alas, we were asked to leave and watched over by a handful of Vancouver Police Officers.

So, outside we drink coffee and chat about the experience and such.

Note: As you may know, a LOT happened with social media and the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, specifically the emergence of True North Media House, a self-accrediting media making and sharing project which was documented in thousands of posts, throughout “mainstream/traditional” media, a documentary film and a Ph.D thesis.

Social Media for the Olympics at IOC & VANOC briefing at Canada Place

Outside of the VANOC worldwide press briefing, independent media maker Dave Olson answers questions about the Olympics, protests, and tension between social concerns and international events. He spiels forth about peace, pacifism, understanding, love of winter sports, copyright, rumoured riots, the importance of dialogue and respect and conversation. Also he briefly recounts his experiences covering Olympic Games from a grassroots point of view. This presaged the True North Media House project which self-accreditation campaign to document the civic, sports and culture stories in a participatory manner. Filmed by Manfred Becker for Canada’s National Film Board.