True North Media House – Kids with beards making media in 24 Hours

True North Media House in 24 Hours
KK and DaveO discuss TNMH while sporting beards and hats

True North Media House is shaping up, pushing forward and making its own path to the 2010 Winter Olympics. Seeking to form a partnership with the W2 Community Media Arts Centre, TNMH is hosting a pivotal meeting today (Thursday, 6pm, Catalyst Internet office). The mainstream media is paying attention with coverage by Business in B.C., Business in Vancouver The Vancouver Sun, CBC, BBC and most recently 24 Hours. Indeed the message of inclusiveness, variety, free expression, and creativity is getting out there, beyond the massive coverage on the web o’ world. In today’s 24 Hours article (featuring myself, Kris Krug and our rocking beards) Kris is quoted: “We’re just a bunch of kids who are doing social media and online media and we just want to cover the Olympics […] We’re banding together to share sources, resources, photographers, places to work, press briefings.” And that’s all true, except maybe the kids part ;-). Sign up to the mailing list, visit the website and follow TNMH on Twitter!) as we plan a friendly parallel for new media which seems to be undervalued by modern dinosaurs.

Bonus: Add speech bubbles to imagine what KK and I were talking about during the shoot my Carmine Marinelli from 24 Hours. 24hours Article about TNMH with KK and DaveOCity of Vancouver Media By-law Report

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