True North Media – Olympics & Social Media notes

DaveO  7 minutes ago

My colleagues & I have covered several Olympics as social media-makers plus reached out to VANOC, IOC and other acronyms for 4+ years and spoke to numerous groups and trad. media but not been included in any manner by the official orgs. We received a meaningless response from VANOC from the open letters but moved ahead anyhow because we know the way people get news has changed.

As such, we are rallying up the project to provide a “home” for alternative coverage so I’m a little bit surprised that *finally* less than 6 months to the Games, they sorta jump on board and say all the right things. Uhh welcome to the 21st century, pull up a chair

Wes, thanks for this great piece of reporting. It’s been a long road and frankly i am exhausted, disappointed and frustrated by the slow adoption of new media by IOC and the non-inclusion by VANOC. This is good news – i guess – but the timing is odd. At this point, i am more concerned about finding Latvian hockey fans to party with ;-).

Whatcha think?