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Scrapbooks: the Therapy Series

The Therapy Series – 6 finished note/art/project books – ready to capture schemes, ideas & expressions of affection.

Finished collating, drilling, sewing, binding, stamping, and decorating six notebooks (&/or)/ scrapbooks.

Each has a theme and a personality befitting of the recipient.

Also most are tree free paper (but not all).

Boardgames sacrificed include: Therapy, Clue, Risk, Trivial Pursuit

I will keep one for me…. Which one shall I keep?

I have destinations for the other 5.

PS There’s a video about making these delightful scrapbooks as well.

Crowd Sourcing Like Tom Sawyer – Board Game Prezo Artifacts

Published on Apr 23, 2014

“Tom Sawyer famously talked his gang into paying him for the privilege of painting a fence white while he sat by and supervised. In this talk, Dave Olson shared how companies can use their community to crowd source projects, bringing passionate users in to mutually benefit both your work and the community members. In this storytelling talk, Challenges, strategies, and successful examples were all shared.”

Artifacts from a talk by Dave Olson at SXSWi 2012 called “Crowd Sourcing Community Projects the Tom Sawyer way.

Crowd sourcing project examples include:

* True North Media House, a citizen media-making campaign during Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

* Hootsuite international translation project, which made the popular social media tool available in over a dozen languages including Arabis and Polish

* Phones for Fearless campaign, a project which collection un/used camera phones to redistribute to poor/homeless residents of Vancouver’s DTES

Additionally, the artifacts, created from recycled board games and collage art, also explore motivations for participation.

More coverage of the SXSW talk at Social Artifact Roundup