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Canucks Outsider on CBC Radio One “B.C. Almanac”

bc almanac season kick off

On the opening day of the 2008-09 NHL season, Canucks Outsider host Dave Olson is interviewed by Mark Forsythe on CBC’s Radio One show “B.C. Almanac”. They discuss new players, expectations and buzz, keys to success and the untimely demise of young defenseman Luc Bourdon.

Download Canucks Outsider on CBC Radio One “B.C. Almanac” (.mp3, 6:46, 3MB)

Thanks to Bread the Producer for the recording!

Cheers to Brady for the hook-up

At CBC to talk Canucks
Dave in the lobby of Studio 31 at CBC Vancouver

Canucks Outsider on CBC + Fan Zone and Crazy Photo Content

Canucks at burrard at stnThe season starts for real this week and there’s plenty going on in Canuck-land. Besides player movement and line combos to sort out, here are a couple of tasty bits and pieces …

Canucks Outsider on CBC

I’ll appear on CBC Radio One tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 9th, 2008) on the BC Almanac show at around 12:30 tomorrow to talk about the impending Canucks season – be sure to tune in (and someone do me a favor and record it eh). For fun, here’s me and Roland Tanglao discussing the Canucks Outsider “Alive for the Playoffs” live stream on CBC Radio’s “On the Coast” a couple seasons ago.

Win Prizes with Photos

You may have noticed me and my cohorts from the Crazy Canucks on the transit advertising in Skytrain stations around Vancouver. Wily fans can win prizes including lower-bowl tickets to the open practice (ohhh ahhh) from JJ of Canucks Hockey Blog. To enter, submit a photo with you posing with one of the Crazy Canucks ads. See TCC#65 – Getting our hopes up and/or Miss 604’s Spot The Crazy Canucks Contest for details.

Curmudgeonly Goalie Guest

I’ll be bringing former pro player and outspoken analyst Ian Bell onto the Outsider next week to talk about playing in Europe, playing for Team Canada and how the Canucks look to him this season. Bound to be entertaining (well, the podcast is *always* entertaining right?)

New Pundit Rocks

Have you read the first edition of Joe Tory’s “Black Ice” column? Besides having loquacious opinions about the Canucks, Joe fronts a sonic juggernaut of a band called the Black Tories. You can hear their music in episodes of the Canucks Outsider and/or at theBlackTories.com – be sure to keep an eye out for gigs in your area.

Outsider sells out

The Canucks.com launched a new section, the Fan Zone, to feature social media makers and profile die-hard Canuck fans around the world. Both the Canucks Outsider and Crazy Canucks podcasts are of course in the mix. The Outsider listing even comes with a disclaimer.

For your amusement, here’s the Canucks Outsider feature page, the Fan Zone Guide page and the Crazy Canucks profile page. Next up, i think we need hockey cards ;-)

Canucks Outsider podcast on Canucks.com Fanzone


The original Canucks podcast, the Canucks Outsider is the fan’s audio magazine. Each episode is a unique documentary delving deep into Canucks lore past and present. The shows are recorded on the road, at the rink, or on the porch, but always with a beer in hand.

Canucks Outsider also explores international tournaments, Vancouver Giants, Winter Olympics and hockey culture in general and offer a special welcome to Canucks fans far and wide in foreign lands. Dave is also heard on The Crazy Canucks podcast and hosts the noted “Alive for the Playoffs!” streaming video casts.

What’s there:
After-hours analysis and insight on the Canucks and hockey culture

(Warning! may not be appropriate for younger listeners)

What’s good:
Anecdotes about Canucks history and irreverent recordings from unexpected locations


Canucks Outsider host, Dave Thorvald Olson, is a long-time hockey aficionado, published writer and documentary maker. He adds creative insight and literary depth to his deep Canucks roots and vast memorabilia collection.

Dave’s often joined by the wise Dan Funboy who brings thoughtful, pragmatic analysis and keeps Dave in check, along with an assortment other outspoken guests and hardcore pundits

New Podcast – alas with less beer

Finally, a new Outsider goes out late tonight or sometime tomorrow. Thanks to Molson Brew 2.0 for sending me a case of Rickard’s beer while i was recovering from an off-season emergency appendectomy. I am getting my skating legs back just in time for the season! Thanks for the good wishes from the Canucks and you decent folks in Canucks Nation. Prost!

“Who Owns the Canucks?” – Canucks Outsider #64

In the wake of Reg Dunlop (AKA Paul Newman)’s demise, Dave answers the question “Who owns the Canucks?” – The answer is “All of us!”

Besides tracing his journey as a fan and introducing new listeners to the show’s format (with help from clips of CBC’s On the Coast show), Dave breaks down the new look Canucks roster – still in the midst of flux – and riffs about keys to this season including face-offs, early road-trip success, and a revived, puck-moving, physical defense corps.

Download: “Who Owns the Canucks?” – Canucks Outsider #64 (.mp3, 41:27, 41MB)

"Who Owns the Canucks?" - Canucks Outsider #64

Album art: Photo by John Bollwit, art’ed up by Bread the Producer

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See also: The Crazy Canucks – a fan/blogger roundtable podcast


The Black Tories – Ghost in the Machine

Geoff Berner – Light Enough to Travel

Vancouver Bassoon Quartet – Hockey Night theme (recorded on Main st. Car Free fest)

Bill Janovitz – score from “Here Comes a Regular”


Randall Maggs from Night Work – The Sawchuk Poems


Anton Sledgehammer – (See the Canucks Outsider and Crazy Canucks at the Fan Zone)

CBC Radio One’s On the Coast with Pria Raymu and Roland Tanglao

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Summer of Discontent – Canucks Outsider #63 + Olympic Venue and Ticket Preview

Kicking off Season 4 of the original Canucks podcast, Dave Thorvald and Dan Funboy discuss the new – mostly-unknown – players, prospects, free agents and l’affaire Sundin, and Gillis’ strategy, plus speak about Linden’s sweater, Luc’s demise, Rickard’s brewpub and the Molson Brew 2.0 event.

Besides other brew chatter (including Beerfest, Rogue Dead Guy ale, Howe Sound pothole filler stout, Phillip’s Slipstream Cream Ale …), they discuss the Olympic venues under construction including sliding track, biathlon and x-country courses, and ski jumps, in the Whistler area as well as curling, speed skating oval and hockey rinks in Vancouver and freestyle/snowboard events at Cypress. Finally, they offer up strategy on tickets and tips for enjoying the 2010 Olympic experience.

Dave is also heard on The Crazy Canucks with Radio JohnMiss 604Alanah, & J.J.

Download Summer of Discontent – Canucks Outsider #63 (.mp3, 40:02, 39MB)

canucks outsider season 4

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See also: The Crazy Canucks – a fan/blogger roundtable podcast


The Black Tories – Ghost in the Machine

Los Campesinos – You! Me! Dancing! recorded live in Austin TX at SXSW

The Numbskulz – Thursday


Vancouver Whistler Olympic 2010 preview photo collections


Crazy Canucks: Social Media and Hockey Panel – Northern Voice, 2008

At Vancouver’s personal expression conference, Northern Voice 2008, i presented my (now semi-infamous) spiel “Fuck Stats, Make Art” to enthusiastic reviews and then spent the afternoon with my dear colleagues from The Crazy Canucks podcast discussing our role as independent chroniclers of the NHL hockey team and the thrills and problems we face along the way dealing with team management, credentials (or lack thereof), and the reasons for producing grassroots, fan-powered media.

“Rebecca Bollwitt brings together her “Crazy Canucks” podcast co-hosts who are all BC sports/hockey bloggers for a panel on sports blogging. It’s something that’s never been covered but it’s a HUGE market filled with rivalries between ‘traditional media outlets’, rumour mills, and NHL team “officially appointed” bloggers.”
Featuring JJ Guerrero, Dave Olson, Alanah McGinley, and John Bollwitt – Filmed and uploaded by JMV

A lovely treat to riff with my Crazy Canucks colleagues in the Sports Blogging and Podcasting panel. This rag-tag group grew into a team over the past 61 shows and the panel was as easy and intuitive as the podcasts. We know each others strengths and are “giving” to one another in the conversation. The questions in the session were great and show a real understanding of the weird tension we have with the “official”ness of the Canucks and the trade off of objectivity and creative control vs selling out.

Alanah and JJ live outside the Vangroovy tech industry bubble and run the two most popular Canucks blogs out there. Alanah’s is famous for drunken live blogging which is no surprise why she ranks #1 for drunken canucks fan. JJ is the people’s ambassador to GM Place – walking the concourse with him is a task as he’s stopped more often than Mike Weaver would. And of course my good buddies the Bollwitts – the Vancouver blog and podsafe music podcast darlings.


Alanah of Canucks and Beyond posted this video of me (representing Hockey NW, home of the Canucks Outsider), J.J.of Canucks Hockey Blog, and the blogging Bollwitts: John (Radio Zoom) and Rebecca (Miss 604) yakking it up. My posture is horrible but the conversation is compelling for media pundits, hockey fans and social media enthusiasts Notes from NV08 wrap up.


Game 6 Alive for the Playoffs Wrap-up and Thanks

Big thanks to all for coming along for the ride for the live video podcast whether online or in person including regular guests Dan Funboy and Mark the Motivational Speaker plus Winnipeg Karl and all the intermission guests listed below.

Mark the Motivational Speaker and DaveO breaking it down (and inadvertantly flashing gang signs it seems) Photo by Left Antler

Nice to see many amigo y amiga on the (albeit squirrelly) chat channel including GZ Expat, Australian guy, Hot Wheel, Chris Pirillo, RadioBread, Olympia Dave and more …

Big ups to Roland Tanglao (Roland is a Bryght guy and also makes Van Eats) for tending to all the crazy Ustream.tv tech stuff.  See also Urban Vancouver and Now Public for updates on live events.

Big thankies to Elastic Path (they make ecommerce software) for the fancy schmancy space for the instant studio

I’ve listed some random topics i remember with pertinent links to increase your knowledge.  Let me know if theres other to mention.

Next time, we’ll aim for a better chat and a WIN for the Canucks!

Canucks Outsider live video podcast
DaveO and Dan Funboy on the Live Show

Roland Flickr set – Richard photos

Kid Line

Edmonton and Toronto both had a “Kid Line”

from Wikipedia “Kid Line” entry:

The Kid Line was a NHL line for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1930’s. It included Charlie ConacherHarvey “Busher” Jackson and Joe Primeau. When they first came together as a line, Primeau was the oldest at 23 years old, while Jackson and Conacher were both 18. All three players are members of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

and from the Edmonton Oilers entry …

Adam GravesMartin Gelinas and Joe Murphy, their “Kid Line” (not to be confused with the 1931-32 Leafs’ Harvey “Busher” Jackson“Gentleman Joe” Primeau, and “Big Bomber Charlie” Conacher) won their fifth and, to date, final Stanley Cup

Canucks Family Cookbook

Here’s Radio Bread screenshot of me cheesing out with the 1981 team Cookbook with 2 perogy recipes (Stan Smyl’s Mom’s and Brent Ashton)

Canucks Outsider Cookbook

BC Floorball

Floorballers Stewart the Fossil” and Silly Billy Tucker (www.modernhockey.com) with Dave O in the 1st intermission
Check out Floorball – here’s the When & Where

Richard’s Hockey in Iceland

Ejected Player sitting in stands
from Richard’s Hockey in Iceland (Set)

Elvar Jonsteinsson (ISL)

Born 09.10.78
Height 182 cm / 5′ 11″
Weight 89 kg / 196lbs / 14st 0lbs
Position Left Defender, Left Winger
Shoots left

Bonus: Richard’s (curator of Canucks Nation) shot of the “Beer-y-mid” on CBC’s HNICBeerymid on CBC

CBC Beerymid

Brent Ashton

Oldtimers’ Hockey Challenge – Players – Brent Ashton

Brent Ashton played for nine teams during a 14-year career, and was traded an extraordinary nine times

Brent Ashton in Wikipedia

Brent Ashton’s career hockey statistics at hockeydb.com

Brent played for the Canucks in the 79-80 and 80-81 seasons – here’s a line:

1980-81 GP 77, G 18, A 11, PIM 57, +/- -10

Brent Ashton

  • Forward
  • Born and lives in Saskatoon
  • Married with 3 children
  • Played 14 years with nine teams in the NHL
  • Scratch Golfer
  • In the sportswear business and studying to be a Financial Planner

And Even More …

Left Antler took some great snaps and brought happy vibe – thanks!

Canucks Outsider Live for the Playoffs
The Fossil and Mark look on the big screen at EP HQ

Finally … Big thanks to my cohort Cosmo of the Clubside Breakfast Time podcast (who was at Podcast hotel) for the quick action on the clip from CBC’sOn the Coast with Priya Ramu


Sick in the Guts – Canucks Outsider hockey podcast #62

Returning from an ill-fated Mexican vacation in time to see the Canucks’ meaningless season finale versus playoff bound Calgary Flames, Dave rambles on about a horrential bout of gut sickness and hanging at a beach bar in Bucerias while the Canucks imploded.

Wheelchaired and sedated, he arrived home to find the Nucks missing the playoffs, sending off Trevor Linden without a final win and shifting the team in unknown directions with impending free agents, unclear strategy, and unproven prospects. Finally, Dave (comfy back in North Van) considers how the now-officially-official ownership might move forward before summoning Canucks heores of the future to step forth.

Download Sick in the Guts – Canucks Outsider hockey podcast #62 (.mp3, 50:26, 41MB)

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See also The Crazy Canucks

Thanks to Dan Funboy for kick ass analysis all season – some one give this guy a contract! and Album Art by Bread

This episode dedicated to Tom “The Tickler” Larschied – Thanks for “bringing it” even when the players didn’t (and he’s a guy with a squirrelly gut i hear)

Music: Antonio Carlos Jobim/Astrud Gilberto/João Gilberto/Stan Getz (from Dedicated to Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vol. 1), Black Angels (live at SXSW 2008 + Young Men Dead), The Constantines (live at SXSW 2008), Bill Lenker (live in the Woodshop 2006), Grateful Dead Brokedown Palace (live at Tempe Arizona 1992), the Blackberry Bushes (from Moon Pie), unknown pipers and drummers (St. Patrick’s Day parade, Vancouver 2007)

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The Pressure Cooker! – Canucks Outsider #61

In the shadow of the NHL trade deadline, Dave ~ and several late night beers ~ bid farewell to Matt Cooke and examine other possible player swaps. Then after some tasty rockin’, peers down the road ahead to the hectic schedule of “must-win” games, and recounts of visit with Kent of We are all Canucksleheads while recording with the Crazy Canucks and the Ultimate Canuck Search guys at the Canucks open practice who asked “Can-U-Nuck?“.

Download The Pressure Cooker! – Canucks Outsider #61 (.mp3, 43:22, 35MB)

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See also The Crazy Canucks – We are all Canucksleheads

The Pressure Cooker

Music by:

Rodeo Kill – “Outlaw Country Band from Olympia, WA” Old Hank, Hearbreak away from Hell
Derek K. Miller – Striking Silver

Numbskulz – Wannabe

More Numbskulz:

Meet the Numbskulz – Choogle on #19

Catching Up with The Numbskulz – Choogle on #26

The Numbskulz Grow Up and Rock Out – Choogle on #55


All-Star Forecasting and Drinking – Canucks Outsider #60

Canucks Outsider kicks off 2008 a little delayed but in grand style with Dave and Dan covering wealth of topics in-studio over all-star weekend. In between beers, topics include the recent Spengler Cup tournament in Davos Switzerland, World Juniors in Pradubice Czech Rep (and ask if Canada’s domination is good for international hockey?), 2010 Winter Games hockey tournament format.

Moving on to the Canucks, they discuss the first half of the season in relation to expectations plus Markus Naslund’s leadership, Luongo’s Vezina chances, revolving defensemen, evolving line combos, regaining divisional intimidation, international beverages, and what’s ahead in the South East roadtrip.

Download All-Star Forecasting and Drinking – Canucks Outsider #60 (.mp3, 49:58, 40MB)

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See also The Crazy Canucks

Canucks Outsider - All-star Forecasting and Drinking


DOA “Whatcha gonna Do”

Hoytis “the Bunker” “Leaving Town”

Derek K. Miller (Penmachine) “Striking Silver”

The Weakerthans “Tournament of Hearts”

Made by Dave Thorvald Olson with Dan Funboy


Game Night versus the Whalers – Canucks Outsider #45

The Stanley Cup champion Carolina Hurricanes are in Vancouver so Dave grabs a hot smokie and a scalper ticket and meets up with slightly sloppy friends in the wheelchair section.

Download Canucks Outsider #45 (15:20, 14MB, .mp3)

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He breaks down Daniel’s OT winner and {rare} goals by Bulis, Chouniard and Tremblay and discusses the the SouthEast division and listens to Toadler rant on the drive back to North Van.

Music snippets from:

“Riptide” – Frequency db (olden site, band now defunct) check out Mastan Music hour podcast with Sam Densmore and Jeremy Wilson and look for SilverHawk{myspace} on tour

“Canadian Geese” – Gord Downie from Coke Machine Glow (don’t sue me) Gord Downie’s Coke Machine Glow – book and CD on Amazon – interested parties  check out Tragically Hip on Choogle on with Uncle Weed #31

“Darkside of You” – Numbskulz (hear Numbskulz on Choogle on #26 and Choogle on #19)