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Mementos: The Wailers in Vancouver / drummer and drum case

As seen at The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, maybe 2014 or 15 or really i can’t recall. (note to self, figure it out man!)

Ears melting & brain fuzzing…

Ears melting & brain fuzzing as Dinosaur Jr play Bug at Commodore #loveitloud last time saw them, Nirvana opened in SLC

note: DOA 30th anniversary show at the Commodore…

I didn’t really get organized (been sick) but DOA 30th anniversary show tonight at the Commodore – you are going right to see a bit of Canadian punk history, yes? i can pick up tickets this afternoon as needed.

Note: keeping this here as a placeholder as I ended up not going to the show and instead ended up in the hospital with an emergency appendectomy.

More Tragic Hipness

Amigo Bread posted his snaps from the Vancouver Nov. 7th Tragically Hip show up to Flickr including some great shots of the band and the “atmosphere” inside and outside the venue. Make sure to see TTH Pool too.

Gord Downie bringing it for the Tragically Hip in vancouver
Here’s poetic singer Gord Downie vamping and working it like a workingman’s mix of Michael Stipe, Freddie Mercury and Martin Gelinas (plus a tiny bit of Leonard Cohen) as he talks (indeed occassionally argues) with his mic stand and the band rolls their eyes as he forgets/makes up lyrics.

Tragically Hip setlist
Setlists – Originally uploaded by radiobread

Busker playing the Hip
This busker was tearing into a Hip tune out front –
nice and loudly through a little amp (I recorded snippet for Choogle on podcast)