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“Fck Stats, Make Art” Talk Transcription (Northern Voice 2008)

Dave Olsen Reads Rousseau

What follows is transcription of a talk called “Fck Stats, Make Art” at Northern Voice, 2008 in Vancouver, BC. Original audio (record by Jay Stewart who is identified as Speaker 1 below) exists, as does a “round-up” of photos, tweets, artifacts, and so on. See “Consider Perusing” below.

Speaker 1: We’re at Northern Voice 2008 in Vancouver BC at the University of British Columbia Forestry Science Center and I’m about to record Dave O’s presentation.  What is the name of the presentation?

Speaker 2: Fuck Stats Make Art.

Speaker 1: Fuck Stats Make Art.  It’s going to be a little bit controversial because he’s going to give a call to up the ante on quality of stuff people are posting.  He’s like, “It doesn’t matter if people are looking, it matters if it’s good content, that’s more important.”

Speaker 2: Certainly good content comes first and then you really [inaudible 00:01:06].

Speaker 1: I don’t need to know when people’s cats are going to the bathroom.  I see a lot of that on Twitter and other sites and stuff, you know?

Announcer: So, it’s my pleasure to introduce one of my best friends here Dave Olson.  He also works with me at Raincity Studios and I’m really excited that you guys get to hear him talk today.  I think this talk would be quite a bit different from everything else that you hear at Northern Voice.

I dragged, Dave, kicking and screaming in the world of Google Analytics and I just didn’t get it, just like every moment I spent either looking at my viewers or attracting new ones is one less moment I’m writing or doing something else that I love.  So, I always respected that about him.

He’s a poet, a filmmaker, an author, photographer and many other awesome things.  Anyway, I’ll leave it up to him to go with the rest.  So, welcome to Fuck Stats Make Art.  

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Questions + Answers from the Hero Dossier – Fresh Media, 2009


At Fresh Media conference at W2 Arts + Media Centre, participants riff a spontaneous blurb about a hero from a Dossier of Importantcy in a workshop about storytelling + podcasting by Dave Olson (AKA Uncle Weed).

Features Samuel Pepys, RMS Carpathia, Amber Case, Thomas Paine, J. Garcia, Mudhoney, JJ Rousseau, Geoff Berner, Ed Abbey, The Numbskulz, DH Lawrence, Tin Tin, HD Thoreau, Jer Crowle, Bev Davies, Gary Snyder, Vaclav Havel, Lou Reed, Cory Doctorow, Dr. Seuss, Dead Kennedys, Theo Van Gogh & Derek K. Miller, Gillian Shaw and other personal luminaries liberated from an envelope. Thanks to @shermanscorner for tunes.

Choose a hero card for: Questions & Answers from the Hero Dossier (7:33,.mp3)

More about Podcasting:

Cory Doctorow’s Interview on librarianship and media

Cory Doctorow’s craphound.com >> Blog Archive » Interview on librarianship and media

Great piece in Wired about RiP Remix Manifesto film

Great piece in Wired about RiP – so cool to see this important film find audiences

[re-posted here for posterity as this was a project worked on with Raincity Studios] 

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Interesting reference to me in a Whuffie/Whiffle post

Interesting reference to me in a Whuffie/Whiffle post along with @doctorow @missrogue and serendipity – internet’s weird

archived link to: Doin Social Media – WIIFM – Whuffie – Creating Beauty Online and WIIFY

Resume of Dave Olson who wrote about wiffle balls. And Dave’s tags are listed as: Create, Write, Think, Speak, Produce, Brand, Podcast, Blog, Promote, Plan, Listen, Market, Strategize, Manage, Outreach. [And that’s WIIFY enough for me.]

Heroes X 2 @corydoctorow and Billy Bragg

Heroes X 2 @corydoctorow and Billy Bragg http://bit.ly/10bYLP – sweetopian panel

Billy Bragg and me, Convention on Modern Liberty, London, UK.JPG

remix culture panel of pundits and practitioners…

i say: let’s fire it up with a proper remix culture panel of pundits and practitioner and channel @doctorow and @lessig at #northernvoice10

Beers, Seabus and Fave Podcasts – Dave (Delaney) Made That

beers, seabus and podcasts - ephemeral feasthouse

In response to Dave Delaney (davemadethat.com)’s meme-like inquiry about favourite podcasts – What are you listening to? A podcasting meme – I sit on the rocky banks of Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet drinking a St. Ambroise beer and extol a list of faves podcasts with reasonings and anecdotes about each.

Beers, Seabus and Fave Podcasts – Dave (Delaney) Made That “What podcasts do you listen to?” podcast (.mp3, 7:07, 6.6.MB)

Dave’s instructions told me to tag 5 people but that sounds kinda heavy so comment and chime in if you want – no big whoop.

Authors (at) Google spiels: Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow is the real deal – smart, funny, rebellious, talented.  Hear him speak at the Google-plex and file him in the hero dossier and subscribe to Cory Doctorow’s Craphound podcast for spoken word sci-fi and informed punditry on myriad cultural conundrums and nuances. See also: Cory Doctorow: The Totalitarian Urge on Now Public

Cory Doctorow: The Totalitarian Urge on Now Public

cory doctorow at sfu vancouver
Yup, folks came out in abundance to hear/see Cory Doctorow speak last night at SFU. Indeed, he received “Rock Star treatment” as he alluded too in his engaging spiel. Nice to hear someone roll on with respect enough for his audience that he didn’t pause to explain each nuance, he just rocked it out and assumed the audience was intelligent enough to get his quips (most were i think). In general, the audience were totally hip to what this renaissance dude is doing. Stirring shit up with the smarts to back himself up to anyone, anytime. He’s the People’s Champion for sure.

As a partner in an ISP, advocate of openness, multi-purpose artmaker and one who seeks to control my own public vs private demarcation line, I have extensive discourse bubbling in my head about his topics of net neutrality, personal/public/professional privacy, societal transparency, community tolerance, the the oppressive scare tactics of ch!ld pRon and “war on abstract nouns” fueling the pervasive ID-a-holic culture foisted upon us by those who think they are obliged to monitor everyone else, …

However, i have a scant few moments for repast at the day-job so instead, i will punt to my Seabus riding amigo Ianiv’s post at Now Public – to which i contributed a couple of snaps. Oh yeah go download his books and such from Craphound.com

You can listen to the whole recording Ianiv captured of Cory Doctorow’s speech, “Resisting the Totalitarian Urge” and Ianiv’s recap at Now Public (below) …

Cory Doctorow gave a talk yesterday at the Simon Fraser University downtown campus called “The Totalitarian Urge: total information awareness and the cosmic billiards”. He describes it as:

“It’s about how technology changes the way we view social problems. Older mechanical technologies make us see the world as deterministic, knowable and manipulable. New emergent technologies like the Internet teach us that control is an illusion, the universe is out of control and laughing at us, and that the more we watch and control, the more problems we have.”

He talked about things like DRM, privacy, Copyright and how this all comes together to change the way we live now and what the future may hold if we let governments and corporations do as they like, unchecked. More control is not always better.

cory doctorow at sfu vancouver

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