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Campfire Stories with DaveO (radio air check 2009) – Urban Vancouver #7

Campfire Stories with DaveO

In 2009, i made an very off-the-cuff audition show for Vancouver’s then-new, now-defunct “The Shore 104” radio station with the idea create a rather eclectic music and story-telling show.

The “show” was recorded live in one take, no takebacks (though i shoulda/coulda) with John Bollwitt engineering at his West End apartment. Later added an intro bit which kinda got messed up but anyhow,… the project went nowhere as the station struggled out the gates and soon fired most on-air folks and changed format blah blah blah. As such, getting it off the harddrive and into your ears so you can laugh at my cheesiness and rock out to the setlist.

Gather round for: Campfire Stories with DaveO (air check for The Shore radio) – 1:38:39, 118MB, 2009-07-21

PS some of this music isn’t “podsafe”, licensed etc. but used for demonstration and educational purposes – if issue, please let me know via gravellybeach@gmail.com

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Listening to Dustin and Barney Bentall…

Listening to Dustin and Barney Bentall front and centre of stage on English bay bath house #shorefest http://twitpic.com/c3d0b

recording in process…

54-40 sounding sooo good on English Bay on Vancouver’s hottest day #shorefest – recording in process http://twitpic.com/c3hxe

On my way to see some rock then fireworks…

Tonight, I’m bound for West End to see #Shorefest – live acoustic music before #fireworks from the English Beach bathhouse ~ And you?

On my way to #shorefest to see some rock then fireworks – ready for Canada to blow up

alas no photos from me, i haven’t a camera anymore so just injected the splendid #fireworks memories into my brain

Fireworks exploding in the distance…

Finished up 2006 Celebration of Specialness Fireworks Extravaganza on a hillside at the border between English Bay and Stanley Park with a potluck picnic, new friends and more snapshots as we watched Mexico take the prize and then saw the whole deal end with a big shiny finale.
Mexico's Firework Performance

This time i framed up some of the shots with overhanging tree branches to give some perspective to the composition and also took some tighter shots with just the exploding bits suspended in space.

Recap (almost) the whole she-bang! See the whole Mexico set + Czech Fireworks set + Chinese Fireworks

Declared the finest fireworks picture ever!

Chinese Fireworks in VancouverThe esteemed Unabonger has declared this as his favorite fireworks picture of all time. While there is no contest occuring, i must say, i am really pleased with how they turned out.

I have dozens upon dozens from this night of the Celebration of Fire competition alone (China) and only posted maybe 6-8 so as to not flood my photostream but i’ll likley make something out of the whole collection. Plus still two more nights to shoot with Czech Republic and Mexico competing for the prize(?).

Anyhow, I ran them through a slideshow last night and really dug the dimension of the colours and and, when in full size, seeing the subtitles of the smoke of the water (dada dada dudada) and the details on the barge. Check out the whole set including the walk to English Bay and the sights and folks around.

on the way to chinese fireworks by Uncleweed