Aside: Yesterday kinda felt like summer…

Kinda felt like summer yesterday (been a rough start for me despite the very very summer heat – ugh such blues and pain but…).

Rundown: went to seitai (hardly summery or unusual but still important), then ate at our fave ramen place (at the counter! with Ichiro!), then drove mountain and coast roads to Setouchi, picked up beach-side takoyakai, quick play on hot slide (at pizza place mentioned), onwards to Ayumi-san’s “resort apartment”, soaked 11th floor onsen (talked with friendly folks, identified a few inland-sea islands (you can see Shikoku from here, as well as Mejima, Shodoshima, and passed ferry dock of Inujima), changed into yukata (summer kimono), ate the takoyaki plus yakisoba and big green salad, up to rooftop to watch fireworks (Ichi in his stylin Jimbei outfit saying “sugoi!” “oki!” to all assembled + Ryoko and Ayumi in kimomo as were others, drank 1 can beer), back to apartment for watermelon & gelato while traffic calmed down (big crowded parking lot) , looked at Ayumi’s maps and ephemera from Vancouver and Victoria trip 2005 (sigh), then late night home with tired lil boy and mom so papa talking to keep her on course (got home unloaded and wife went to late night carport to repair her fancy sandals for tea).

Cascadian Consulate has a fancy pool for select visitors

Today back in bed, wife at tea ceremony, Ichi next door with Jiji & Baba.

Took some rooftop snaps with Olympus camera, included are 2 snaps of Ichiro on a hot slide and one of our majestic pool but covered up.

Whatcha think?