Outing: inland sea beach and pizza (and camera goofing)

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Along our adventures, in this case, June 2022, we made a return visit to a stretch of beach called Nishwaki with a handy wood fired pizza oven/ hang out/ playground/ parking called Iweburo around Ichiro’s birthday. (He really wanted to go back to the sea even since the trip to Shimane when he saw the surfers.)

We ordered pizzas and then spread out blankets, chairs etc and picnic on the beach. Few people, some high-school/college age kids were playing games while the whipped whipped around a bit, the fellas from an takoyaki shop nearby chased a blowing red paper lantern. Ichiro went in for a bit and managed a swim (wade out for a bit amidst the seagrass).

Our friend Ayumi who lives nearby joined us there. (Foreshadowing, we are going to her top floor apartment for fireworks soon).

3 happy adventurers

The “inland sea” is very different than the rugged sea of Japan (or the Pacific coast of which i am not so familiar). Because the seto ni kai is protected by islands, this was a useful place for manufacturing, mining, shipping and transport. As such, some of the locations are hardly pristine but regardless, scenic and handy.

beach, not to scale

The Pizza Café is totally my style with reggae music playing, guitar scattered around, handbillsfor live music, drums and shakers and Legos and coffee.

It’s a bit of a drive getting there (about 45 minutes meandering through some kind of industrial areas before you hit the lovely coastline…) A little bit closer we’d be here more often but, eventually maybe. Oh a ukulele and poetry gig? ha.

In the parking lot are some structures for some beach shelters which look like they haven’t been used for a while, the rather ubiquitous rustic playground equipment commonly found around Japan, scattered bric a brać, a few broken down cars, vegetable garden and all kinds of little odds and ends.

We rode see-saw, wrangled some chin-ups and zoomed around.

despite the police bike, Ichiro will not arrest you

Note: Recently dug out a “ruggedized” Olympus camera from wife’s stash, found a cord and a memory chip and put it back into service >> Lots of onboard effects and variations in settings and importantly allows me to go out and document life without my fully functional pocket robot of distractions.

Photo experiments follow:

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