Accidental Palaeontology (& related accruements)

a palaeontologist, i considered (briefly)

Maybe you’ve seen my variety of elementary school science projects which were more focussed on “social sciences” like anthropology, archeology, and arts and crafts, I mentioned this because as a kid, figured would end up as a scientist/researcher/writer/photographer, contracted by National Geographic to be an “explorer in residence” uncovering civilizations hitherto unknown, remixing the contexts to fit contemporary times – most importantly, having an assortment of interesting and useful practical tools as well as a bunch of cool equipment and accruements.

Dug his tools, his shirt and cap, his liquor bottle, gadgets, good luck charms, some photos of colleagues goofing in the ground with giant dinosaur thighs. He worked out of Okayama University and is celebrated – in a way – for his achievements.

thanks but i already have a load of straw hats… oh but *that one* looks nice

As it goes, my life has taken a different, but equally sensational, direction but/and sometimes I’m able to hop into a parallel universe via an exhibit: in this case, the bottom floor of a bookshelf {while looking for a English language children’s book for wife’s friend blah blah blah anyway} {oh and, we found a great Paddington doing something about mailing postcards}, and there was an exhibit dedicated to a notable palaeontologist who found some remarkable dinosaur bones in Mongolia (I guess, I didn’t really check… I simply liked the simplicity of the exhibit and the fact that it existed in what amounted to a utility hallway in the bottom floor of a absurdly well-stocked bookstore).

Rex vends happiness

Outside on the shopping street, noticed a big dinosaurs head looming over a sign saying “happiness”. This is all of it.

you know I love a panorama, so, here’s a panorama of the exhibit (there were more photos too)