Yard Projects: Tsuchida Weather Station, broadcasting + QR codes

Set up real time weather reporting from Tsuchida “Station” Okayama, Japan with a white-label outdoor station. Check in for hi, low, UV, rain, humidity, wind etc.

Here’s Fujita-san installing it on a 2+ meters long concrete mounted tree, properly aligned to Cardinal directions

Was a gift for father-in-law who always likes to check him in on these things but with the local weather report coming from the airport which is some distance away, this is a lot more fun and accurate.

A bit clugey but now uploading data to:
WeatherCloud &/or

Any weather enthusiasts have others to suggest? Both of the above have rather lacking integrations :(

Also trying to figure out what unit brand this device is marketed as for easier integration with weather sites.

PS The app for setting up the unit is rather basic and called “WS View”

Everyone loves QR codes! (or just click if that’s handy)

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