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Accidental Palaeontology (& related accruements)

a palaeontologist, i considered (briefly)

Maybe you’ve seen my variety of elementary school science projects which were more focussed on “social sciences” like anthropology, archeology, and arts and crafts, I mentioned this because as a kid, figured would end up as a scientist/researcher/writer/photographer, contracted by National Geographic to be an “explorer in residence” uncovering civilizations hitherto unknown, remixing the contexts to fit contemporary times – most importantly, having an assortment of interesting and useful practical tools as well as a bunch of cool equipment and accruements.

Dug his tools, his shirt and cap, his liquor bottle, gadgets, good luck charms, some photos of colleagues goofing in the ground with giant dinosaur thighs. He worked out of Okayama University and is celebrated – in a way – for his achievements.

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Diary: in July, i shall wear straw hat(s)

and there we go… thanks Claudia Car Office

Oh July, whisked by with *highlights* of the “situation of the missing uncle” and darling wife’s arborist level-up exam (about 70 people taking the exam, about 5 women), and being warm, very very warm.

Despite the summer temperatures, just hasn’t *felt like* summer but yesterday we finished the month strong by setting up the inflatable pool with the awning covering for a dip, some watermelon, hanging out in the “clubhouse,” and then watching a movie (Oh Brother Where Art Thou) from a cheap projector on a white sheet like an indoor drive-in.

Also there was a small neighbourhood matsuri festival and R & I’s trip to Noto to possibly address under separate cover. We also made pizza and ate great mutton curry for Father-in-law’s birthday.

Summer vibes from this lil argonaut

So… Onwards to August! Schemes: *not* going to send out the “Leo cards” this year, and have pulled back my idea of a live poetry reading for my birthday – maybe some make something pre-recorded instead, maybe not. (Note: i have put out some ambient scrapbooking hangout videos) Maybe not look at the computer much, maybe more time in the pool, and the barn playing scratchy records. I really don’t know. Honestly I’m a bit restless but very tired and weary. None of this is news.

Anyhow, a couple odds and ends on the last couple weeks since I’m here, and you were there, to document the “usual life and regular days” with jerk chicken schemes, bus rides, massage chair, kisses and peace of a kind.

into town: Oh no, treatment place was closed, so I’m “downtown” Okayama, & dont have a sorta perfect favorite hideout just right place so back at new joint doing Mexican food, cooling down with iced coffee. Kind of wish stayed home and rested though… rather busy by my standards recently.

back at barn: By now you’ve seen pictures of my studio lounge in the 2nd floor of the kura store house, And now the 1st floor is turning into our family arts and crafts clubhouse with a secondary stereo set up, a stack of eclectic and slightly damaged records, lots of supplies, goodtimes! Of course, there is a plan/concept sketch.

the 1st floor “clubhouse” with arts and crafts, emergency supplies, secondary record player for eclectic vibes and dance parties

Yesterday’s hang-out music selection included Harry Belafonte, Jimmy Cliff, Don Ho, compilation of “American songbook standards“ with Sinatra, Ella etc., and family favourite “The Spinners“ for some dancing fun / also have assortment of Scottish, German & pirate folk song records.

Here’s the upstairs workbench in current configuration, space for audio, video, scrapbooking, painting, sort-ganizing / You’ll also notice and overhead scanner maybe, and various stands for old phones/cameras.

Do you recognize any of the artists on display?

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