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“Secret Agent” dossier Moo friendship cards

New @moo cards. Yes, they are awesome. I’ve done many batches and they seem to get better each time around.

This set is square with rounded corners with a “secret agent typewritten dossier” on rice paper envelope, with paper-clipped photo (from Nepal), and a few inky stamps on one side of the hearty matte finish paper… while the other side features various of my little paintings from not-so-secret locations around the world – each card in set of 100 has a different painting (or subset there of).

Do you wanna Moo? I can help you and you can get around $25 off your first order and/or shipping deals (hint, hint coz i get some kick-back to keep me in cards). They also make postcards, sticker books, letterhead and more more – i’ve ordered loads of their products and always great.

Unique Moo “friendship” cards – on a table for choosing

I enjoy ordering from moo.com for mini “friendship” cards (and luxurious postcards). Each one of the batch of 200 is unique and this series theme was busses (VW and otherwise) and hitchhiking signs.

Do you wanna Moo? I can help you and you can get $15 off your first order (hint, hint coz i get some kick-back to keep me in cards).

Fresh Moo friendship cards – each one unique