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Loading up the Goodness…

Loading up my calendar with goodness including: Hockey, Level 1 at Ice Sports (starting Wed.) Sing it Forward at the Vogue (Jan 10) DOA at the Rickshaw (Jan 18) Portage and Main at the Biltmore (Jan 25) Do Less yoga session (Jan 20) Firework Factory retreat in June plus a load of Chiropractor and Massage appointments.

Finally sheared off last vestige of Hunter Thompson halloween incarnation – enjoyed remaining in character for a week – now look like Bhikku

I like Earl Grey with vanilla, steamed soy milk and maple syrup @jasonsanders Instead of London Fog, it’s a Vancouver Haze #tea

re: CBC “14 forever” segment – saw bowie, clash, kiss, DOA + in Vancouver in 83-84…

That’s cool @GrantLawrence consider having me on for a 14 forever segment – saw Bowie, Clash, Kiss, DOA + in Vancouver in 83-84  c/ @steveprattca

I have a stellar afro story @GrantLCBCR3 – wanna put me on the tubes to discuss the afro as workplace protest? preview: http://ow.ly/uDe3

Sold start-up to corp who were angered by shorts at work – got massive afro & returned w/ wide tie & hair pick to their chagrin @GrantLCBCR3

RT @GrantLCBCR3: Ever rocked an afro? Do you have one now? We’re discussing the return of the afro on my show today on www.cbcradio3.com.

Splendid day so far – first CBC radio 1, the CBC tv news, then coffee…

Splendid day so far – first CBC radio 1, the CBC tv news, then coffee with @cbcradio3’s @steveprattca – now 1st ride on Canada line

back home w/belly full of tasty food & brews after most excellent trip – now feeling a little verklempt from so many kind birthday messages!

I collect all sorts of things…

I collect all sorts of things incl: Tin Tin books, travel ephemera, lighters, hats, pipes, & paper bits like ticket stubs

zoiks @alexleebehan voice on Shore 104 FM told me about a body found on the Baden Powell Trail – glad i didn’t stumble on the bones!

Have i mentioned how proud i am to participate in the newest issue of @rainzine? such a packed issue filled with remarkable artists! (thnks)