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Book, by post: Amy Chavez + chats, patch, tunes, poetics

Arrived, by post “The Widow, the Priest and the Octopus Hunter” by Amy Chavez. Lovely “just out” hardback edition from Tuttle.

Amy Chavez shares stories from a secluded island, quite nearby

Stories from an inland sea island (relatively close to Tsuchida cottage) by a long time resident and very interesting human it seems.

Noting: Amy arrived in Japan in 1993, shortly after my “Japan 1.0“ era, and years later, when reminiscing about my long distant past and curiousity about the inland sea, came across her writings (in Japan Times and other outlets) and some podcasts and whatnot… Little did I know that years later, I would end up in the area again (really couldn’t have guessed).

So far, the book is absolutely exquisite both in the design and the emotional yet somehow compact and efficient prose. I’m trying to read it slowly because I want it to last a long time.

Other activities/annotations:

  • Pleasant conversation with friend Neal in Metchosin, Plus a new local friend name Trevor stop by for a quick visit
  • Wrote 6 page letter to Ichiro for 2nd birthday #io
  • Sneak preview listen to The Matinée’s new music (yes!)
  • sweet Jerry Garcia designed Keen masks arrived
  • edited videos of ambient scrapbook sessions (trips to Shimane & Kyoto)
  • now dishes & laundry

Various evidences & annotations of above:

I figure 2+ years into all of this, might as well have a mask with a bit of flair. Acquired unused but secondhand from a shoe brand I used to use a lot and designed by a guitar player I listen to very much alot.

Noting, for various reasons my videos aren’t “monetized” just for mine/your amusement so playing records in the background (which thwacks the algorithm anyway ;)) hooray for punk rawk scrapbooking hangouts

While in the barn studio, started a new scrapbook with poetic letters and extra special correspondence…

It’s almost time to make another big batch of the scrapbooks, like the scrapbook themselves as most from last batch made on Ceningan are filled up or gifted

Of course all correspondence is special but some go into postcard folios, others into a special book for festive greetings, in this case, longer/larger form items from Topsfield, Victoria, Gifu and so on.

Typhoon weather

or thunderstorm, severe or otherwise

regardless, I’ve somehow become incapable

of even the most minor tasks

Pardon my delays i’ll try again


Also: Sprucing up the jacket with a Cascadia patch. Bioregionalism seems like a pretty good idea right about now doesn’t it?

there are some other patches on this jacket I’ll show you sometime

Memo: “document in the way which feels natural to you”

Embark on Personal Archeology, in this case, at Dome Wonderland, Metchosin

Re: Personal Archeology

Document in the way which feels natural to you. Doesn’t have to be a “blog”, can be a notebook with coloured pencils, or buy yourself a fountain pen, or an audio recorder.

Importantly: Tell your stories in the way that feels comfortable like your favourite pair of shoes – then add context, and interestingness. The rest is up to audience to breathe life into it. 

Then do again and again (regardless of outcome beyond self-enjoyment).