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Punk Art Photog / bev. davies – Choogle On! #122

Punk Art Photog / bev. davies – Choogle On #122
Punk Art Photog / bev. davies – Choogle On #122

In-depth discussion with rock art photographer bev. davies including: hippie days with Neil Young and Joan Anderson (Joni Mitchell), shooting punk pioneers DOA and Subhumans, Motörhead in a park, David Bowie in a stadium, Brian Jonestown Massacre flipping off crowd and so many more.  Also stories from backstage with Iron Maiden and Twisted Sister, Nardwuar collaborations, Duran Duran posing at soundcheck, and remarks about various Vancouver venues.

Plus insights about role of photographer as artist, conundrums of accreditation and access, reasons for a long hiatus, crafting the perfect shot, shoes versus sneakers, origins of calendars and exhibits, and plans for a book. Recorded August 2010 in Strathcona, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Load your film for: Punk Art Photog / bev. davies – Choogle On #122 – (59:35, .mp3, 85MB) Continue reading Punk Art Photog / bev. davies – Choogle On! #122

Nardwuar – Courageous, DIY Interviews (Doot Doot)

Nardwuar - TEDx Vancouver 2010 - West Vancouver, BC


* Nardwuar in Granville’s TedXVan Preview and full interview with Nardwuar

* Nardwuar video interview on Vancouver is Awesome

* @Nardwuar on Twitter

Mint Records

Evaporators (site)

Evaporators band (wikipedia)

Nardwuar wikipedia

* Nardwuar CiTR show (profiled in Austin Chronicle

Intro: He’s the Human Serviette: CiTR radio guy, Evaporators front man, show promoter, Much Music correspondent, media hacker, mud racker, etc.

Topic: Dood doodle-doot-Do-it-Yourself

Anecdote: At CITR you are a writer, producer, operator – you can do whatever you want within CiTR guidelines. My vision to put on a show with Mudhoney (authour note: i was there!), and started handing out pennies, however the people threw them back, I didn’t know what to do so i asked the people to psit at me

Example: cue graphic video, not for squeamish

Anecdote: Photo opp with Snoop Dogg, (he says “Scchnoop Doggie Dogg”). N says, “The less you know the better… for interviews… I was wondering what to talk about it with SDD, … maybe he likes Redd Foxx?

Example: cue video, Snoop bidding up the Redd Foxx doll to $40

Anecdote: Nardwuar wit Kurt Cobain. How did i pull that off? I asked! Ergo (paraphrased): Showed up early at PNE, hid in bathroom, caught but left cassette tape hoping Kurt would find it. Went home empty handed. Next morning, call and learned Nirvana was at 4 Seasons. Saw Dave Grohl,.. got on guest list but couldn’t get in. Kurt and Courtney saw me, let me in. Next thing, backstage with Kurt… and it happend. There is a fine line how that works out… Each interview is different.

Example: Henry Rollins (cue video of manic barrage of questions to clearly unamused curmudgeonly Henry Rollins)

Anecdote: Nardwuar and Jay Z – “How? I Asked!”

Awesome: @Nardwuar and his vinyl #tnmh
 Nardwuar and Governator (in vinyl) by @johnbiehler

Example: cue video of NERD Pharrel sexpressing pleassure with Nardwuar’s interview.

Anecdote: Chretien and G2o rally – “Interviewers job is to make the interviewee exciting” So Nardwuar asks Chreiten about the fictional punk band “The Nomads” and their song “Suroharto Stomp” … While crowds were getting maced/pepper-sprayed outside, Nardwuar cut his hair and attended press conference and asked questions about whether the PM would consider being a protestor and participant in a punk band if he was 20+ years younger. Put JC in a squirmy situation, ergo:

Example: cue video of press conference, Nardwuar asked, “Does Mace = Freedom?” Baffled PM says, “This technique did not exist when i was young,” and (famously, “For me, the pepper goes on the plate.”

Anecdote: He bagan taking a “Hip Flip” (a participatory game in which two people work together to rotate a toy). First, N asked Paul Martin (did), then Jack Layton (he did + nice ‘stache), then Stephen Harper (he declined). Next, asked Stephane Dion (former Federal Liberal leader)…, security takes away the Hip Flip, and security says asks, “isn’t this embarrassing for you?”

Check the embarrassment and hack the town hall by asking Dion, “Why not Hip Flip?” to delight of the crowd.

Example: “When security is hauling you away, lift your legs so you are crowd surfing rather than being dragged.” Chretien did the hip flip too and called him a “dummy.”

Nardwuar and Bev. Davies by @jmv

Anecdote: Back to Snoop,… (Snoop hands blunts to cameraman), Nardwuar says, “The minute you think you know everything, is when you should stop doing it.”

Example: cue video of Snoop rolling a blunt and putting it in a microwave for :05 seconds. Snoop says N has “personality and courageousness.”

Note to self: Check the credits on Snoop Dogg’s album to see call out for Canuck Cousin, Nard “stay hard” Wuar.

Anecdote: Lady Gaga. Nardwuar says, “Who cares if you have an audience at all” … “the Internet never forgets” … “in 8 months Gaga went from Nardwuar to Larry King”

Remember: Doot-it-yourself And a stage dive … all the way up to the last row. DootDoot!

Nardwuar owns TedX. This is all.

Note to Nardwuar: Here are the artifacts from “Rock n Roll Photography” panel with Kris Krig and Bev Davies thought you’d enjoy.