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Rolling Elsewhere: around Oslo, Norway by boat, train and car

Ambient “space cruise” around generally Oslo area of Norway by boat, trains and car. That’s it. No narration, action, plot, theme or whatever, just dig the views and ride along. Sound is “as-is” aside form Ilgudin Trio (from Russia, recorded live in Ubud, Indonesia) added whilst in the car. Roll on. That’s it.

Thanks to Mathias and Harald Olson for the footage – wasn’t me). 

Mom: 3 Years Gone – “Tour de Ashes”

Hi Mom,

Well today is 3 years gone and wow, so much has happened since the worst phone call ever in Auroville.

I won’t get into all the details but do want to catch you up on all the geo-locations (and other memorials) your ashes are distributed… for the time being at least.

Overall, you’ll be happy to know we’ve added a few more stamps to your figurative passport and there are many places scattered around the world where you are especially remembered. 

We’ll start the world tour with the most obvious and familiar locations in Utah: 

First, the Celebration of Life Monument in SLC right by the (fabulous) library. This wall took some doing to make it all happen but worth the work and looks great.      

Your entire full name with all the middle names is engraved on the wall and allll spelled perfectly! 

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Artifacts (youngtime): Reports – Norway, Prairie Dogs, Piglets

Reports – Norway, Grade 4

What follows is a compendium of various school reports about various topics – while required by school assignment in most cases, i made to be archival. These dossier utilize the same techniques of “scissors and glue to combine narrative and images in a non-linear collages” as i use for all most all my projects from newsletters, fanzines, chapbooks and other small-scale publication (including digital projects like podcasts for that matter).

Reports – Praire Dogs, Grade 7(?)

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Salmon Swimming Free – Rainforest Dispatches, chapter 7/9

Visiting again with friend Kevin, Uncle Weed discusses the negative impact salmon fish farms impart on the local aquaculture. Specifically, Atlantic salmon living in pens attract hazardous sea lice, are unable to spawn, are fed with small fish imported from South America, and are dyed to appear more attractive in the supermarket. Further the politically controversial fish farms add little benefit to the local economy.

Downcast podload: Salmon Swimming Free – Rainforest Dispatches, chapter 7/9 – 16:00

Salmon Swimming Free

Your input on this topic is invited – particularly if you participated in the protests or traveled to this area. Consider leaving a comment and/or recording an audio missive of your own to use in a future episode. Let me know where you stashed your blockade memories or other rainforest thoughts by emailing: choogleon (at) uncleweed (dot) net or via Twitter @choogleon and/or @uncleweed, etc.

Theme: Bex – “Lonesome (Lost) Traveler”
Segue: Wm. Lenker – excerpts from “Heaven Holds a Place”
Interludes: Grateful Dead – “Throwing Stones”
Insert: Bob and Doug McKenzie (recorded from CBC TV) thanks to @JMV

This is Part 7 of 9 (or more) in the Rainforest Dispatches series on Choogle On with Uncle Weed a series of explorations and soliloquies from the Clayoquot Sound area on the west coast of Vancouver Island during a summertime water outage in the midst of a temperate rainforest. While figuring out what happened, Uncle Weed recollects the tense logging blockades in early 1990s and compares current conditions through lens of deep ecology and sustainable development practices.

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I use Koss Sterophones, M-Audio MicroTrack II, M-Audio Solo audio interface, Griffin iMic and Sony Microphone – in case you were wondering.

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great-grand-parents in Follogata, Sarpsborg, Norway

Approx location of my old great-grand-parents in Follogata, Sarpsborg, Norway on Google Maps http://ow.ly/g7d6 – Anyone got a plane ticket?

Stavanger-Web – StavangerFjord

Stavanger-Web – StavangerFjord

S/S Stavangerfjordk

S/S Stavangerfjordk

{note: this was the ship my Grandfather Olaf Olson travelled upon from Norway to Canada}

Stavangerfjord, NAL – The Norwegian-America Line

Stavangerfjord, NAL – The Norwegian-America Line

{note: this was the ship my Grandfather Olaf Olson travelled upon from Norway to Canada}

Team Canada Shot on Goal vs Norway at World Juniors, Vancouver, 2006

A snippet from 2006 World Juniors Tournament in Vancouver

This clip is from a game featuring Canada vs Norway on Dec. 29th. Canada won 4-0 at the sold out Pacific Coliseum.

Team Canada scores! World Juniors 2006 vs Norway at Pacific Coliseum

Panning the celebratory crows at a IIHF World Junior Hockey Tournament game – Canada vs. Norway