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Poetic Ghosts of New Years Past – Postcard #50

long boat on new year's day

An aural montage of past new years’ evenings featuring Dave O reading from Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” next to crackling cabin woodstove on Pender Island (note scratching dog and someone with a stuffy nose), followed by a latenight freeverse message to Napoleon, a languid tale recorded in a garage about a bewildering New Years Eve in Japan, and finally a poetic nugget of memory and hope for the future.

Ohbijou, Steep
Okinawan folkmusic by unknown artist
Wm. Lenker of Steamboat Island – c/o Woodshed Music

Come for a visit with the Poetic Ghosts of New Years Past – Postcards #50 (.mp3, 22:25, 18MB)

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Righteous Declarations for Humans – Postcard #44

Pod cover - Postcards from Gravelly Beach - Righteous declarations

Part 5 of the White Poppies for Remembrance series continues with Dave at Victory Park, this time reading the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (adopted by General Assembly Dec. 10th, 1948) with riffs about tolerance, human relations, common understanding, and mutual respect – including a healthy sampling of articles on brotherhood, privacy, special treatment for mothers, plus a commentary about refugee status, and the illegal nature of torture and humiliating treatment.

Then brings it ’round home with a snippet from H.D. Thoreau’s Walden about sovereign man being the origin of the political state while accompanied by lively jazz (via bootleg cassette) featuring Joe Williamson and cohorts in Banff from way back playing about Peace to the Children of our Universe and Common Market offering up replenishing Refresh(ment) live on KEXP.

Declare your rights for: Righteous Declarations for Humans (128k mp3, 13:24, 15MB)

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Rilke’s Letters at a Breezy Island Market – Postcard #29

Postcard from Gravelly Beach – Letters on ship table

At Granville Island Market on a breezy spring day, Dave talks about Czech/German/French writer Rainer Maria Rilke and reads from Letter # 10 from “Letters to a Young Poet,” plus offers discourse about the writing life, dealing with creative conditions and personal honesty – plus chats about the charming Vancouver False Creek waterfront.

Gaze into the distance for: Rilke’s Letters at a Breezy Island Market – Postcard #29 (.mp3, 7:30, 9MB)

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