Ichiro meets Ichiro sensei + airplanes and fireworks in Noto

(Then i noted): He comes home today. I used to wanna be a rockstar or a pro hockey player and always out on the road/tour but now, four days away from him and it feels like he’s leveled up again and I don’t wanna miss a single day, ever. #io in Noto {photos by Ryoko, edits me}

always ready for adventure!

A few notes from Ichiro’s first plane trip with Mama to visit Hongo Ichiro sensei on Noto peninsula in Ishikawa prefecture. Train was no really possible so went from Okayama’s (adorable) Momotaro airport (OKJ) to Haneda then on to Noto with a group taxi to town.

Stayed with sensei at his converted fish processing plant turned house/workshop and then at a minshuku guesthouse with some friends.

What follows a few a few notes while my darling were away and a couple photos Ryoko sent from the “end of the world”.

ichiro on the go!

So it began: Ichiro loaded up his backpack with a favorite book, stuffed penguin, travel cup, snacks, handkerchief and an Insta photo of the two of us.

We’d dropped a friend off at Momtaro before and since, Ichiro is intrigued and excited about airplanes and he/we wave and say “hikoki bai bai” whenever one is overhead.

tie dayes in “family tartan” made by brother/uncle Dan

So… dropped off a Momotaro airport with parents and had an extra lunch before breezing through the mellow regional airport. Their ANA service was “first of a new route” or something so they received a commemorative souvenir.

i explained the importance and benefits of being kind and friendly to the staff, in this case from best airline ANA

Noted at the time: Wife and kiddo checked in from Haneda (stopover towards Noto) and doing good. So much fun packing up Ichi’s lil backpack with book, penguin, cup, handkerchief, snacks, and insta-photo with papa (plus his cap and tie-dye shirt).

over Tokyo

They went for the matsuri festival (which i may stash couple of snaps at bottom). Was wild scenes of burning shrines and drunken dudes on the port. Ichiro was ready for the fireworks and activities with this perfect outfit.

hey papa, i’m in Noto. why ya not here?

Was really important to spend time with Hongo Ichiro Sensei who was such a huge influence on Ryoko professional skills and personal awesomeness. He’s part of the reason we named Ichiro, Ichiro (though his name uses a different kanji).

As it was: This picture greeted me when I woke up… Our Ichiro with sensei Ichiro / The university professor who was such a huge influence on my darling wife… At fireworks for a festival on a remote peninsula jutting out of Japan towards Siberia.

BTW, The words are tumbling out of his mouth, he’s trying all the musical instruments, showing his independent mind and pushing the boundaries a little bit but also realizes the importance of being sweet and kind.

Bonus Round: scenes of life in Noto and festival (snapped by the cool lil Olympus camera i mentioned previously)

and scenes of the festival, careful with that fire folks!

Then me and Father in Law picked them up at Momotaro, Ichiro did great on the plane – various evidence thereof at: Diary: secret restos, airport hangs, voting, drums & creative acts plus other related artifacts (and duplicates) at: Post’d: Brautigan & airplanes towards Tokyo and… “where postcards go”.


my dude and i back together… He came running out of the domestic arrivals and jumped into my arms and I just about wanted to bawl my face off with proud papa but I was so busy telling him how much I love him and then he told me about the airplane and the fireworks and all of it

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