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Hippie and Hemp credentials are/were never in need of validation, however…

My hippie and hempster credentials are/were never in need of validation, however… for your consideration, may I present a portrait of a much younger Uncle Weed at a HempFest near Nelson, BC circa 1993. Had just returned to another journey around Japan and spent the summer selling him bags and juggling sticks at various festivals, concerts and street corners. (this is a guy called Hamish next to me0

Jamaican Ganja Field

High up a mountaintop of ancient uplifted coral, unaccompanied by bodyguards, escalades or a single Marley (unlike “reincarnated” snoop), I found a happy place– surrounded by thousands of little ladies. I squeezed the buds to savour the moment and smells of mangos and papayas, limes and skunks. 

Note audio recorder in hand. My wanders are different now. I still wonder. Snapped with a single-use disposable camera



Wow! as a Canucks-centric podcaster…

Wow! as a Canucks-centric podcaster, twas a might of validation of the efforts of me, Bex604, John, Alannah, JJ, Richard, Josh, Parksy + you