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Me and the nice Global TV news lady…

Here’s me and the nice Global TV news lady on talking Canucks hockey – and making bold predictions – 2009 (on eve of a loss / elimination to Chicago) – video 

johnbiehler’s snaps from Canucks Outsider Alive

In case you missed them, here’s @johnbiehler’s snaps from #Canucks Outsider Alive ~ http://bit.ly/ps6WU ~ #fisheye

Canucks Outsider Alive for the Playoffs 2009 Preview – We have the Power!

Alive for the Playoffs Preview

With the Canucks leading us into what could be the most thrilling Spring in recent Vancouver’s history, Canucks Outsider will be Alive for the Playoffs with a live video companion webcast on select playoff games. Join in the fun with live chat, trivia, memorabilia, hi-jinks, beer, interviews and anecdotes.

Alive for the Playoffs 2009 - We have the Power!

It’s a Montage!

Here’s some video montage action to getcha stoked!

The first Alive session is Friday, April 17 for Game 2 as the Canucks look to go 2-0 on the St. Louis Blues. Hop online at 6:45 while we scramble to transform the Hockey Lounge for your viewing pleasure.

Opening Lineups

Guests in this first session will include the wise Dan Funboy, England’s The Fossil, Kyle from Switzerland, plus a Moose call to Winnipeg, and possibly the Quebecois Correspondent and who knows what mayhem might occur!

Next Friday (if necessary) we’ll fire it up again and may have Black Ice writer Joe Tory (who also performs Canucks Outsider Season 4 intro song) who will be at the rink for Game 2.

More Alive for the Playoffs

Wondering what this is all about? Here’s a link pack from 2007 playoff run with 4 Alive for the Playoff episodes vs. Dallas and Anaheim.

Dave's Don Cherry Jacket and Tie at Canucks Outsider Live Game 6 - Image437 by roland. 








Alive for Game Five! Canucks Outsider Servin’ it up Homestyle tonight

Firing it Up Live Game 4 vs Ducks Tonight – Canucks Outsider Alive for the Playoffs Rolls on

Alas a Loss … but Good Times Anyhow … right?

C’est le Toque!!! Canucks beat Stars in Seven!

Game 6 Alive for the Playoffs Wrap-up and Thanks

Vancouver Courier Newspaper Spreading the Canucks Outsider Mojo

CBC Radio One 2007-04-20 – Dave and Roland


Video editing by Kyle Zahar with photos by DaveO, Rebecca Miss604 Bollwitt and John Radio Zoom Bollwitt and others ….

“We have the power” by Garry Chalk the real life voice of He-Man


Seeking Optimism on a Day of Mourning

Canucks Outsider heads to the dog days of summerDespite the support of dog nation, the Canucks beat themselves last night with a less than stellar effort in the biggest game of the year.  Sure by halfway through the 3rd period, they were rolling … a bit … Burrows (the Uni-brower), sniper of 2 goals this year (and half a dozen disallowed markers) jammed one home to give us life – enough where we knew one of the lads would come through in Overtime like so many times before in this the “season of one goal games,” right?  Someone *will* score.

We all made our picks but no one chose what happened – shoot, the shooter was heading to the bench unaware he’d scored.  Luongo knows what happened, he won’t forget for quite some time.

So now is the time we seek positives to take away – i spieled on this for much time last night in my post-Neidermeyer haze – but the “isn’t it super how we did better than expected” feeling is settling in my belly like a Denny’s hangover breakfast – a bit queasy now but should absorb the poison … eventually.

Yes records were set (Lou, Hank), pleasant surprises (Beeker and the Brabarian) and old friends stepped up for another kick at the trophy (TL), to balance out a few under-whelming performers (Chounaird, Santala) to go along with the roller coaster years of Wooly Bullis and Taylor MySpace … And sure the future looks bright – maybe the most depth in a couple of decades (mmmbop Hansen & Elder Edler, where did these guys come from?). But right now, it feels like waiting in the rain for a bus which never came.

I will do a wrap up soon with some of the State of the Franchise recordings to make a ‘montage’ of where we came from this year and talk about who might be gone next year with 11 free agents of one kind or another.

Just like Rocky went to Siberia to train in order to toughen himself up, a gut check might be the call for the Canucks to prepare for a serious run next year.  Seriously, a ‘serious’ run, not an ‘underdog’ run or a ‘big surprise’ run but instead a serious run by a team which expects and in fact *demands* to be there, playing in the biggest games, ready with the puck on the stick, ready to pull the tirgger, ready to bring the thrills of June hockey to us – the bealugered fans.

We’re ready and we’ve been ready, already.



Alas a Loss … but Good Times Anyhow … right? Canucks Outsider catch-up

Bob and Doug Mackenzie on Canucks Outsider Live
photo of Bob and Doug by Roland

A bit of bummer to say the least … up 2-0 we seemed to be driving the bus safely back the garage but alas, … the Ducks rallied with a couple to force OT and before we could get the OT mojo working, the game was over and the Nucks find themselves at the precipice – holding the short end of the stick in a 3-1 series.


The Alive for the Playoffs event last night had some technical difficulties but we played through it the best we could (i admittedly was not in game shape).  Really enjoyed the communication via multiple channels (Ustream, IRC, Skype, phone) and knowing that fans around the world are in tough with us.

Canucks Outsider live playoff podcast
photo Roland

Special Welcome:

Maddog McCarthy tuning in from Pacifica (hear Maddog talk about Nepalese politics on “Mission to the Homestead and Himalayas – Choogle on #30”Maddog was my amigo in Japan during the 94 cup run.

Canucks Outsider on ustream and IRC
photo Roland

Happy Funtime Thanks to:

  • Crazy Canucks cohorts Miss 604 ‘The Surrey Girl’ for her insight and vibe plus iowa John of RadioZoom for geeking out and taking the mic for a spell
  • Hot Wheel Jason of the Kittamat (what were they called again?) & Elastic Path for space
  • BC Floorball’s The Fossil for extra witty punditry (write blog post about the Blazers since you are the know-it-all).
  • JMV (?) the mysterious Flickr photog i didn’t get to say goodbye to – great pre-game craft time and general good humour
  • Mr. Furley for running the board and being responsible for random non sequiters

Plus cheers to Karl from the ‘Peg, Bob Sugar, Aussie Tom for coming along as well as “regulars” GZ Expat, Austrailian guy, Dan Funboy, Radio Bread, SillyGwaillo and you!

Canucks Outsider live for the playoffs
Photo Miss 604

Topical Links

These are coming at some point … can anyone remember the topics i needed to link to?  Here’s a sart (ugh ‘ll never get around to this …)

  • Curt Fraser and Glen Hanlon both coaches of the Belarus national team
  • World Champioship – Team Canada roster – Division C recap
  • Manitoba Moose win Game 7!!
  • Cory Schneider at Boston College
  • Harry Neale and Roger Nielson – coaches of the Canucks in 82
  • Vancouver Voodoo and the coach Dave ‘Tiger’ Williams
  • New West Bruins comepting for the Stanely Cup(?) Queen’s Park arena
  • Denman Arena – the now non-existent home of the Vancouver Milliionaires – winners of the Stanley Cup in 1915
  • Game 7 Wild Times in Surrey video clip
  • Bob and Doug Mackenzie’s upcoming 1 hour 24-er special

Canucks Outsider live vidcast stuff
photo by Roland – Fin by Rebecca

Misc Media Roundup

  • Dave O in Vancouver Courier
  • Miss 604 Rebecca in the Province
  • Crazy Canucks on CTV
  • Roland and Dave on CBC Radio One
  • Dave, John & Rebecca on Get Connected on CKNW

Crazy Canucks on CNW
photo by Drew O on Miss 604’s photostream

Stay On Board Outsiders!  This Canucks Bus ain’t stalled out yet!

Will likely see ya Alive for Game 5!

Well… technically this is a small turkey … Enjoy


Firing it Up Live Game 4 vs Ducks Tonight – Canucks Outsider Alive for the Playoffs Rolls on

Firing it Up Live! Game 4 vs Ducks Tonight
Canucks Outsider “Alive for the Playoffs” Rolls on

Down 2-1 to the Ducks – No Big Deal!   The Canucks have found way to adjust and step it up throughout this season so hop online tonight while they do it again tonight. Canucks Outsider will hit the internets around 7PM via Ustream.tv/canucksoutsider and chat on IRC at #canucks-outsider at irc.freenode.net OR chat on Skype to northvandave.  Just hop on or login for your own chat handle so we know who you are.

Canucks Outsider Live podcast
photo Left Antler

Roland “Mr Furley” Tanglao will be running the tech and i’ll be running my mouth starting tonight at about 7PM PST for the pre-game from EP Ecommerce ‘Arena.  Guests, pundits and beers ahoy – plus Mark the unmotivating speaker will call in live from the game right after Naslnd scores on the Power Play.

Despite Mark the Motivational Speaker’s de-motivating crumudgeonly rant, the stalwarts Canucks’ coaching staff will have a game plan ready for tonight and the Vancouver squad will deliver with a reenergized powerplay to go with thier tenacious even strength play.  The effort was there in Game 3, the finish was not.

Tonight, we will see both.

Canucks Outsider podcast
leftantler’s photostream

Remember: May 1st is NOT Brad May day.