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POT-TV: The Hempen Road: A journey into the world of Industrial Hemp

POT-TV: The Hempen Road: A journey into the world of Industrial Hemp

Joey Shithead’s Band of Rebels play for Pot

band of rebels benefit for marc emery

Punk and Pot – two of my fave “things” come together as Vancouver legend Joe Shithead brings his eclectic and musically diverse rock circus out for a once-only rock show in solidarity with Marc Emery the (somewhat self-aggrandizing) seed seller who is hassled by the now-fired, former pit-bull US district attorney John Mackay and other DEA narco-terrorists seeking his extradition to the USA to face re-donk-u-lous charges of conspiricy and mass volume drug peddling.

I’ll be there enjoy the rock and the pot. And you?

Free the BC three Here’s from Sudden Death records announcement:

The long awaited live performance with Joe Shithead Keithley’s Band of Rebels will take place in Vancouver on Thursday December 6th at the Plaza Club. Band of Rebels is Keithley’s solo album, released this past summer that features many of Vancouver’s best musicians. Many of them will be performing at the CD release party, which is also Sudden Death Record’s Christmas party, DVD live recording event and a benefit for Cannabis Canada. The event will also include guest speaker Marc Emery and band Aging Youth Gang.

Joe also did a book – I, Shithead: A Life In Punk – and there is a the full DOA backcatalog available by mail order online too (though i’ve got my $15 aimed at a Bloodied by Unbowed vinyl picture disk at Noize on Seymour).

Self Medicating with a Hobby Garden – Tokes on the Porch

Note: Originally Appeared in Heads Magazine Toke on the Porch blog January 29, 2007

I’ve spent much of the past 15 years or so moving around countries and climates and it’s rare when I am able to put down roots in one place long enough to get a grow going. While making articles and films, i’ve seen alot of killer grow houses … whole basements loaded with multiple rooms of fragrant ganja trees. I’ve seen buddies who couldn’t cheat their way through the 8th grade science fair now growing massive crops using hydro, aeroponics, soil, outdoor, geeez even growing in soil bags on net platforms high up in a redwood tree canopy (hmmm, that one sounds like an article).

The point of all this is I recently caught the growing bug and, now that I realize that any monkey who can follow some instructions can grow, I heartily encourage anyone with a taste for the chronic nuggs to invest a few hundred bucks and make a micro garden. Home-growing is especially critical for medical patients (and their caregivers) who do not have the gumption (and lawyer on retainer) for a bigscale operation and seek to avoid the hassle and mystery of hooking up with a vendor.

Two things were holding me back along with my lack of location: 1) my lack of a green thumb (really I am not a plant whisperer) and, 2) the legal hassle risk asscoiated with me being rather “intentionally indiscrete” about my affection for roasting the tasty flowers.

Sure, I’m not one of these dudes activating since 1972 or something. But, I do publish articles, books and films using my own name (which is usually listed in the phone book ’cause I am too cheap to spend the extra money to unlist it), plus photos abound of me enjoying an Amsterdam lifestyle and roasting all over my beloved Vancouver, and I manage to make it into the mainstream media from time to time.  I’ve been to jail and prefer my couch, but me showing that a dude can toke aplenty and still get stuff done.

Sure high-rollers figure anything under 500 plants is a waste of time, but I am talking 3-6 plants which is plenty to keep the most enthusiastic of tokers well supplied with their faves. No more wondering if your neighborhood dealer just made up the name “Polar Ice” or if you are really smoking (or vapeing in my case) G-13 or NL5 or Amnesia Haze (mmm), … you know what’s going into your lungs cause you grew it! Again, really important for medical needs which demand specific characteristics for medication.

All this is old news for many (special thank you to all the excellent growers out there and f%$&k you to all the schwag producers), but those of you who are wondering how to get started can listen to my experience in a recent podcast “Purple Kush Micro Growtime” – a wee story of me and a beautiful girl who came to my house to visit (and is now curing in a mason jar).

You’ll find if you start with good genetics, build a clean and controllable environment and provide proper nutrients and light, you’ll be growing weed as fine as you see in the pages of Heads (well maybe on your second try anyhow ;-).