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Misquotes (various) / vol. 1

 Misquotes (various) / vol. 1

Inspired by cloth prints – often sporting papyrus typeface – spouting dodgy quotes which may or may not have been said (or accurately translated) by Dalai Lama 14 (or otherwise), Gandhi (which one?) sold at beachy templey gift shops (cough Bali cough), and by frequently misquoted analects attributed to Gautama Buddha (propagated by *experts* on PBS documentaries), i scribbled a few non-sensical mis-quotes in a notebook somewhere in Indonesia (or was in Thailand or Philippines?). No matter, just for momentary amusement. There are others, maybe i’ll find somewhere.

In the meantime: (Don’t judge me) Make your own, print em in papyrus font and see them hang in coffee shops and Malibu beach homes. 

To gain anything, first you need to lose everything
Lost in translation

Riff: Dr. J. Jones re: social into the void

Dr. Jennifer Jones (my pal in Scotland) said this in a podcast i can’t recall the name or date of (sometime in 2018 i think): 

“Leaving behind a trail of tweets behind kinda helps me remember what’ve been doing… I’m a documenter, it goes into your inner psyche… – Twitter is place to put your inner monologue… – You put things out there.. you “scream into the void”… and people talk back saying “me too”. its that relationship of who you are as a person and boundaries and what you are comfortable but not let anyone else dictate to you what you should/nt do online.”