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Insomniacs say the strangest things…

Insomniacs say the strangest things, and then don’t remember sharing them

To be awake,…

To be awake, one must first sleep. Not a metaphor.

Note: we can have a wake for a dead dude too who isnt awake. In this case, i am using awake in a medical sense. Ya know like how humans are either sleeping or not sleeping. I am not sleeping.

Float on…

Message to self: Float on davey, float on.

Rallying with my favourite things…

Rallying with my favourite things:
1) John Coltrane
2) Red Corduroy pants
3) Things to mail to loved ones
4) Fresh air with rain impending

Things I Love…

Things I Love:
1) Seeing my friends enjoy great success
2) Inspiring with postcards
3) Hugs

Woke up feeling…

Woke up feeling scared & confused about life &; *everything*. This illness is a trickster, not sure who i’ll be each day. It’s not me. #peace

Sleep… or lack thereof

I seem to have lost my ability to sleep – Seriously, nothing seems to help as I toss & turn & spin all night. Tips? Advice? (Besides chemicals)