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Diary: What Comes Next? Shambling along on Summer schemes

What happens next? Summertime schemes…

Siding into slacker summer projects at Tsuchida Station

So, the mysterious “operation turtle” is as wrapped up as gonna get
The “healing ramble” project is nervously, bravely & quietly going out into the world at random intervals

Caught up on the “postcards as a service” supporters and dossier customers – a few friends to return correspondence but easy goodtimes

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Diary: Anniversary and Art Supplies

Coffee is brewing here at Tsuchida cottage as we kick off our three day anniversary fun times… We’re going to write letters, make videos, have chats with friends, do some kimono dress up photo fun time, play music, more coffee, more kisses etc.

But to kick things off yesterday, we took a new step in our relationship, something big & important: we merged our art and office supplies. It’s serious now, really serious.

There’s a system, there are shelves, they are multiple printers, several paper cutters, probably a dozen scissors, at least 20 rolls of different kinds of tape and glue sticks and what not, supplies for framing art, making silkscreens, oil paints, acrylic, watercolors, oil pastels, soft pastels, well over 200 different pens, slightly fewer pencils ++ Several boxes of postcards, drawers of various letter sets, Dozens of notebooks and memo pads and journals on standby waiting their turn, dossiers of oversized art, several kinds of printer photo paper including several batches of blank postcards.

Yes, this is love, and this is what it looks like today.

Note: new/used iMac just arrived yesterday but doesn’t have a mouse and keyboard yet + there are five or six external drives waiting to be sort-ganized.

Collection: Amidst assembling scrapbooks

Snaps of scrapbooks in midst of assembly – both in creation of the actual scrapbook (which creates a lovely substate, as-it-were), the scraps readied to go within to make the scrapbooks into a scrapjournals,… plus kit(s) of tools on the ready, and the workspaces used to do both building and filling, are documented – for no distinct reason than enjoyment of the process.

Scrapbook: ephemera of all kinds, spread out for "sortganizing", Metchosin, 2017
Scrapbook: ephemera of all kinds, spread out for “sortganizing”, Metchosin, 2017
Scrapbook: Assembly, pile of calendars (for covers)
Scrapbook: Assembly, pile of calendars (for covers)

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