Diary: What Comes Next? Shambling along on Summer schemes

What happens next? Summertime schemes…

Siding into slacker summer projects at Tsuchida Station

So, the mysterious “operation turtle” is as wrapped up as gonna get
The “healing ramble” project is nervously, bravely & quietly going out into the world at random intervals

Caught up on the “postcards as a service” supporters and dossier customers – a few friends to return correspondence but easy goodtimes

I’m staying on top of the laundry & i tidy up & sortganize like Japan’s version of Marie Kondo :)So next “life admin” tasks are:

* clear the email inbox (moreorless) – my strategy of tagging all but only answering one every few days or so turns out isn’t “effective“ #notaproductivitist 

* reply lingering messenger message, apple messages, Insta messages, Twtr cmts and *maybe even* FB comments (yikes! there’s a reason I usually do them exactly one or three years later) only sorta about this sorry if your waiting, I do try ( Postal works best)

* update my postal information page with a few mailing tips about the importance of using “media mail” small pocket” and “surface/surface airlifted” to save you lots of money so I don’t feel guilty when packages arrive with huge postal rates

** Then onwards to pleasant summer projects:

1) Build a bamboo awning to to go over the lil inflatable swimming pool which needs to go on a sorta platform. {Need help from wife and father-in-law for this one (unless Trevor can come over :-))}

2) Re-calibrate my sign post mileage chart for exact locations and cardinal settings; paint designs; what are the signs with paint; clearcoat the painted signs; and, drill/screw them into the already mounted tree trunk (this is going to be great amusement and education for the neighborhood and enoyable photo spot ++ we all evolve as friends come to visit and make their own signboard) possibly need to make a check in point for FB/Insta/Google maps

3) Build a booth for their beautiful pink payphone which will be used as a “phone to the wind“ – Will be made from various woods and be large enough to protect the phone, provide some privacy and also room for incense, candles and a string to hang pictures, possibly a place for notes and a guestbook, Maybe (probably wait till construction is done and utilize scrap wood)

4) Mount the post box for the Giggling Piglet Atelier and Cascadia Consulate. The mounting post log is already installed, needs a little platform and a few screws >> then paint on letters, take a snap, show you

5) Order ink stamp for “Cascadia Consulate for Setouchi bioregion? Or Chugoku georegion? Or Okayama administrative region? Stamp passports & such

+++ Ongoing personal hobby summer plans:

a) learn how to quickly tune and play four chords, possibly five on my Baritone ukulele. Sing a song or 2 ~ *Shouldn’t* be too hard but I’ve said this about musical instruments before…

b) fill in the gaps in my reading/writing hiragana and katakana really no excuses for this anymore (oh but I’ll find some! :-)) my brain freezes

c) catch-up on Ichiro’s first year of life scrapbooks (problem is I/we started like 4 or 5 for various subsets and styles and ummm with the construction going on, it’s hard to find a place to spread out to curate & assembly, but im a pro , i got this one down

There you go, between you me and the world, “i’ll shamble confidentially in the general direction of my schemes” #ParaphrasingHenryDavidThorough

questions accepted (within reason)

Whatcha think?