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Pixies – Live At KCRW (Live, April 24, 2014)


Pixies – Live At KCRW (Live, April 24, 2014)

Pixies were in the KCRW studio yesterday and recorded this session.

  1. Gouge Away
  2. What Goes Boom
  3. Brick Is Red
  4. Bagboy
  5. Monkey Gone To Heaven
  6. (Interview w/o Paz, interestingly)
  7. Blue Eyed Hexe
  8. Planet Of Sound
  9. In Heaven (The Lady In The Radiator Song)
  10. Andro Queen
  11. Greens And Blues

Rolling the Magic Bus: Seattle, Gnomedex 2008: Geeks Ahoy!

Whilst at Gnomedex conference in Seattle in 2008, with Nat at the wheel, and a batch of geeks aboard, we head out in a propane-powered heavily modified school bus to get some art, have some tokes and share some laughs. Riders included a roster of exceptional humans including Amber Case, Dave Delaney, Marcus Whitney, Jay Stewart and more (see below).

With art acquired, we rolled around town including a stop whilst a draw bridge let a boat through and we goofed around with (at the time) new tech tools like iphones and digital recorders.

Riders aboard included:
Amber C @caseorganic
DaveO @uncleweed
Jay S @theunabonger
Kris K @kk
Dave D @davedelanany
C Suspect @csuspect
Alex W @alexwilliams
Nat T @blarneyrabble
Marcus W @marcuswhitney
+++ other remarkable folks who are forever bound by this ride…

However, this ephemeral video does not properly represent any of the above :( but roll for a moment anyhow.