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Post’d: postcards & spring water

Which do you choose?

Here we are in late April and I’m just sending first batch of “more than one” postcard at a time out into the world. Not my usual Santa sack full but well-intentioned. Safe journey, well-stamped sheets of affection!

The Water « atomicpoet

This is a piece of writing by my pal Chris Trottier which i kept because i like it and sharing it here so i can find it again and also so maybe you’ll read and enjoy. No big deal. Links included so you can follow Chris’ myriad endeavours, all of which are fascinating.

The Water « atomicpoet

Surfing Santa and Dragons on False Creek, Christmastime

Whilst riding a harbour ferry in Vancouver’s False Creek around Christmas-time, a stand-up paddle board Santa and various Dragonboats and other small craft are spotted and duly documented, probably 2006-8.