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Portrait: Jamaican Yardie

Jamaican Yardie: daveo disguised
Jamaican Yardie
Blending in like a local in Jamaica hair tucked up in knit tam, obligatory futbol shirt (Juventus, Italy) and absolutely required shades.
It must’ve worked as I appeared in a slightly different incarnation of this outfit in the lead story on the Jamaican national news on the day Westmoreland Parish legalized cannabis.
Little Bay, circa 2013/4?

Jamaican Ganja Field

High up a mountaintop of ancient uplifted coral, unaccompanied by bodyguards, escalades or a single Marley (unlike “reincarnated” snoop), I found a happy place– surrounded by thousands of little ladies. I squeezed the buds to savour the moment and smells of mangos and papayas, limes and skunks. 

Note audio recorder in hand. My wanders are different now. I still wonder. Snapped with a single-use disposable camera



Building and Lighting a Little Bay Signal Bonfire: Jamaica Postcard

Jamaican bush tiger Jason assembles a massive fire on the rocky coastline and then takes his time to tidy up, then light it as the sun sets on Little Bay, Jamaica at Little Bay Villas.