Pacific Coast Highway

Down the by-way
Pacific coast highway
It’s my driveway
Since we left
On Boxing day

We left on yesterday
and took the slow way
past manzanita
through to redway

Drove to Phillipsville
into the redwoods
Ate ceviche
at the haunted roadhouse

Headed north
on New years day
took the hard way
o’er siskyou hills

Took turns
driving the curves
rain clouds settle
watch sequoias
grow an inch a day

across the bridges
rolling southway
to pacifica
we’ll sleep well there
til the new day

Couldn’t be greener
onto mendicino
and the open ocean
drop off the sides

On the byway
Pacific coast hi-way
It’s my drive way
all day today

left on boxing day
took the slow day
past manzanita
to redwoods today

then on news years day
take the hard way
heading northwards
o’er icy hills

Whatcha think?