Aye Carpaethia

Aye Carpaethia
sublime vision of grace
you came alongside
my listing hull

Grabbed the briney rope
and you pulled me towards
the sheltered cove

Flotilla of flotsam
bounding with the swell
my heart aching
wondering where to pull

Inhibitions and accolades
rescue me to pier
when the wreckage split
me in blinding fear
i yearned for your
uncommon gaze
thoughtful twine
and restive ways

curled in a quilt
handmade by
a mysterious soul
my disaster
now averted
despite impending gale

forced winds
and the ends
of existence
as it’s told
by fore-bearers and liars
who nearly took stroll
long slowly
glancing only once behind
changing lines sometimes
exceeded what you’ve been told

One thought on “Aye Carpaethia”

  1. I don’t know why, and I can’t explain it, but I’ve had recurring dreams of being on, near something called ‘Carpethia’..and in my dream is not just the name, but a very small beach of which i lay and know but don’t care, that waves always come and wash away everything on beach. and if one lies there during ‘this wave’, one will certainly drown, not being able to swim against the forceful currant. In my dream, I not only know the name ‘Carpethia’, but I also know that I am in peril as I lie and wait and watch the wave swiftly approaching me. I am swept away into the current..but I never know if I die or not…

    I have no idea what all this means and why it is recurring…that specificf name ‘Carpethia’ and the ocean waves, and death…