Road Sign 33-1/3rd

life clipping by
at 33 and one third speed

stand here hugging nothing
count dusty nickels
start looking what road signs say

there are many things i don’t have
tickets, dollars
ways and means

sunday providence
grey like last week
with my bargain matinee cough syrup nod
candy coated hold onto my thick head
next wave goes to mars
next even further
watch the clothes spin
in their fluff and dried

i’ve tried it all on bended knees
but i’ll just think here and sit about
lost months and misplaced friends
haggard days and ice cream cones

i’ll stand here
holding nothing
try to think
how i got here
then figure where i am

i’ll stand a shady place
counting nickels

and happenstance
empty out my pockets
on the ground
you can’t trade lint for bread and cheese

it’s cloudier now than
its been for years

i’ve spent daze moving quickly
years dreaming loosely
and hours watching patiently
and weeks muddling and fidgeting

Whatcha think?